How to Install Window Fan (Easiest Method)

Alright, you have purchased a brand new window fan or willing to grab one. But, sacred about the installation procedure. Don’t have to be worried at all. The expert of Top Cooling Fan is here to instruct you on how to install window fan easily without hiring any pro electrician.

Before we begin, let’s have a formal idea about window fan. Well, one can stay cool and comfortable in summer without spiking your utility bill just installing a window fan. Most people tend to confuse with window fans and exhaust fans. They think both type of fan is similar. But, it is not correct. Exhaust fan removes the air out of the home while the window fan can do the work of an exhaust fan by removing hot air out and also brings fresh and cool air of outside to enter inside of your house to cool the house.

Furthermore, window fans use less energy compared to air conditioners, which are responsible for 90 percent of the electricity used in the hottest periods of the day. You can also run a window fan along with your air conditioner to decrease the load of an air conditioner.

It’s a good idea to purchase a window fan that has built-in thermostat because it will regulate the temperatures, i.e., turning off/on the fan once the temperatures reach their desired work.

Remember that the proper installation of a window fan is crucial for getting maximum output from it. And that’s why you need to have a better idea about how to install this.

Key Features of Window Fan

  • Most of the premium quality window fan equipped with an enclosed motor to make it sure that the motor of window fan remains protected during the rainy season or withstand the heavy storm. Thus, you can use it safely in the rainy season. However, if your window fan is not properly guarded to stop powerful rains, wild winds could blow rainwater through the fan gap into the house.
  • Just in case your window fan gets wet accidentally, unplug it, wipe with a dry cotton cloth and plugin again before using it.
  • Window fan comes with adjustable extender panel work best as they can fit the window fans both horizontally and vertically and they permit custom fit according to the size of your window. Thus, the window fan sticks in the window perfectly.
  • Not all the window fans have screens and thus can let mosquitoes in. Just in case this happens, you can get a screen from shops or hardware, cut it to fit, and stick.

How To Choice A Perfect Window Fan

There are factors you need to consider while buying a window fan like;

  1. The more fans you place in your house, the better because you’ll have a steady amount of airflow coming in and out. Remember, some fans will work to exhaust the air out while the others will let in. Also, if you can’t afford to place the fans on all windows, make sure the ones you place work best, that is, in letting the air inside, to prevent insects and dust from coming in.
  1. Square box windows work best as they blow air in a single direction; thus, the air movement will be steady in and out. Circular fans will just let in air from outside.
  1. More giant fans are as good as they move more air. The fan should fit on the lower part of the windowpane, once the window is open. Go for the box window fans, which are less expensive, costing from $10 to $40.

How to Install a Window Fan (Step By Step Instructions)

Location matters a lot. Its good to have screens on your windows for preventing insects from entering and also don’t place your fans in noisy places.

It’s also not healthy to place the fans from any source of bad smells as this will bring unpleasant odors to your home.


  • Open your window and place your fan in the window sill, making sure it’s balanced. Lower the top panel of the window and make sure it presses the top of the fan. Make sure it’s intact to prevent it from slipping down. Close the window.
  • If there are any gaps left, you must cover them. This will active cooling of the house and more effortless movement of air. You can pull the extended panels of the fan, but this is temporary. For a more permanent installation, preferably for the whole summer, then, their better ways to do this to cover the area much more extensively.
  • You can get the fittings from a neighborhood shop or store. Make sure you’ve proper measurements, cut to fit and tape them in. It would be best if you also were careful when choosing the wood or boards from your local stores. Make sure they are laminated on an excellent lifespan, especially when it’s wet or during winter.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t overwork your fan, especially for purposes not meant for it.
  • Always make sure your fan is intact while operating, and fitted well while on work.
  • Do not operate a window fan and air conditioner at the same time. One needs the windows closed while running while the other needs the windows shut for maximum results.
  • Remember to operate a window; the windows need to be open. Using an automatic timer (if your fan set to perform with one) might be tricky as times you might forget to open the windows when you’re out. Thus, you can choose to do with an electric auto shut off timer instead.


Window fans are more comfortable to maintain, easy to install, and cost-efficient compared to the air conditioners and other types of fans. You can install alone, or it can be better if you have someone to help.

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