How to Clean a Fan Without Taking It Apart?

A fan is a very good option to deal with the hot summer. But, when winter starts knocking at the door, we usually don’t use it often. So, we keep it in our storeroom and get it out next summer. It became very dusty since it is not in use for a long time. Cleaning a fan is not easy. Because you have to disassemble every part of the fan for deeper cleaning.

That is the reason people asked me how to clean a fan without taking it apart as he/she is unable to disassemble it. There are several cases where we found that there is no option to open the fan apart, the screw gets rustic and it became very tight that you are unable to open it, or you are not comfortably dissembling it back again.  

Don’t panic if you are facing the above situation. We will educate you about how you can clean a fan without dissembling it.

Best Methods of Cleaning a Fan Without Dissembling It

Method #1: Blow it Out

It is the easiest way you can follow cleaning a fan without taking it apart. If you have a blower at your home than you can use it for cleaning tower fan, box fan, window fan, pedestal fan, or misting fan. Only you have to take your fan to an open place (patio or basement) where you don’t place any expensive or lavish furniture since dust and dirt come out the fan which cleaning it using a blower fan may damage it.

After cleaning a fan with a blower, you have to cover the entire fan with a constructor plastic bag (which is much heavier than a normal plastic bag) or keep it inside the box the manufacturer provided.

You can this fan cleaning method at the end of the summer and the beginning of the next season. It is a good practice to store a fan in a safe place when you don’t need it all. This fan cleaning method will not work if your fan accumulated dust beyond a certain level. You can use a vacuum cleaner also in case you don’t have any blowers.

Method #2: Use Sand or Salt for Cleaning Loose Dust

First of all, it is completely an out of the box method of cleaning a fan. This method is perfect for cleaning the loose dust and dirt that is adhering to the blades of a box fan, window fan or a pedestal fan. This method is also very simple and easy.

First, take a big sheet or a piece of paper. Lay down your fan (box, window or pedestal fan) on it. You can point blades either down or up both are allowed. After that, either pour clean and dry sand or salt through the grill. The sand or salt will then pass through blades of the fan cleaning the dust and spills though it to the paper.

Method #3: Use an Air Compressor

It is one of the most effective and popular ways of cleaning a fan without taking it apart. Like cleaning a fan using the blower, cleaning a fan using air compressor you must take your fan to open space like patio, garage, or basement.

Take your air compressor also with you and plug the power cord and clean the fan. Cleaning fan with this method can clean a fan almost 95%. The residual dust can be clean using a stick wrapping with a damp cloth to clean inside the fan blades.

Method #4: Using Cleaner

This cleaning method is a bit tricky. You have to take your fan outside of the home and then need to lay it down on the ground. After that, put something on the motor to cover the motor of the fan. You can use a plastic or dinner plate to cover it.

Use a cleaner that contains sodium hypochlorite which is well-known as household bleach. Spray it though out the fans grille and blades. Soak it for a few minutes in the sun. After the become dry completely on Sun, use a jet hose to wash it out with clean water. Keep the fan outside of the home in the open sun until the fan become dry completely.

Method #5: Using Air Compressor Can

You can use an air compressor can to clean a tower fan. An air compressor can work as an air compressor machine. But the price of an air compressor can is a lot cheaper than an air compressor machine. The pressure an air compressor can produce is very low.

So, we recommend using this method to clean the dust accumulated in the grill of the tower fans. If you don’t have an air compressor at home, then users can buy air can for cleaning the lightweight fans. 

Method #6: Cleaning With A Household Vacuum Cleaner

one can also use a household vacuum cleaner to clean pedestal or table fan. A vacuum cleaner can remove the dust and dirt accumulate in the grill of the fan.

Only you have to do is take your fan to an open and safe place. If you can’t able to take it an open place like patio, you can take off the grill just unclipping it and clean it in your toilet or bathroom. The video will demonstrate you how to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

Tips and Precautions

  • Make sure that you have disconnected the fan from the power outlet.
  • Don’t let the water come inside the fan motor. 
  • Don’t let the cleaner come in contact with the motor.
  • Cleaning work should be done far away from the power supply so that water and cleaner also don’t contact with the power supply.
  • Always wear a mask while cleaning a fan. 

Wrap It Up

Well, now you have learned the different methods of cleaning a fan without taking it apart using household tools. Now, it is your time to practice and implement it on your fan. But, we always recommend cleaning the fan by taking it apart since it is the most effective way of cleaning the fan. 

Please share your experience in the comment section.  

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