How to Clean a Vornado Tower Fan

A fan will become dirty if you use them for few weeks constantly in the summer season. Dirt and dust will build up inside your fan. This thing will happen if you have a Vornado tower fan also, just like any other top oscillating tower fan available in the market today. If you don’t clean you Vornado fan regularly, it will not blow air properly.

So, you must know how to clean a Vornado tower fan if you want to keep it running at its best for a long time.

We will discuss three different methods of cleaning a Vornado tower fan.

Best 3 Methods That You can Follow To Clean a Vornado Tower Fan

  1. Clean Vornado tower fan using a vacuum cleaner brush.
  2. Cleaning the fan with an air compressor or compressed air can.
  3. Clean the tower fan using a blower fan.

You can use these three methods to clean your Vornado tower fan. All of these methods are very easy and simple. These are the best and effective ways to clean it. Moreover, you don’t have to disassemble the tower fan. So, these methods are 100 percent safe and you don’t have to worry about the void warranty.

Method #1. Cleaning Vornado Tower Fan Using Vacuum Cleaner Brush.

 This Method is Recommended by Vornado Tower Fan Manufacturer 

Step 1.  To clean a VORNADO Tower Fan by this method, the first thing you must have to do is to unplug the unit.

Step 2. Clean the accumulated dust and dirt from the side inlet and front angled outlet grills using the brush that is usually attached with a vacuum cleaner.


  • It is forbidden to use any kind of cleaning chemicals like gasoline, thinners or solvents while cleaning a Vornado tower fan.
  • This method only cleans the dust accumulated in the outer side body of the tower fan. Dust that stored inside the fan blades will not be cleaned by this method.

Method #2. Clean using an air compressor or compressed air can.

Most Efficient Way And Recommended By Top Cooling Fan

Step 1. Take you tower fan outside of your room. It will save your household stuff like TV, Chiller, dining table or other expensive furniture from becoming dusty. You can take it to an open place like a garden or patio.

Step 2. Don’t forget to unplug the unit.

Step 3. Turn on your air compressor and clean the cage and vent of the tower fan as we shown in the video below. You can also use a compressed air can or duster if you don’t have an air compressor in your home.

To clean The Vornado Tower Fan using compressed air can you have to buy one from shop or online. After that, take a can of compressed air and point the nozzle of compressed air where the dust and dirt accumulated. Brust the air through the vents, exhausts, cage, and blades of the tower fan.

Follow the video to clean Vornado tower fan using air compressor


  • Using Air compressor is the most efficient tool to clean accumulated dust and darts in the tower fan. But purchasing an air compressor can cost 70$-300$.  If this exceeds your budget can go for compressed air can or duster which will cost only 10$-20$.
  • Always use a mask while cleaning a Vornado tower fan using this method.
  • Don’t shake the compressed air can while using it. Else, it will spray some liquid instead of the air.

Method #3. Clean it Using a Blower Fan.

Step 1. Take your tower fan outside of the home and unplug the unit for power supply.

Step 2. Turn on the blower fan and flow the air inside the grill of the tower fan. We demonstrated the process in the video.

This Video will Show You How You Can Use a Blower Fan to Clean Vornado Tower Fan


  • A blower fan can cost only 5$-30$ and it’s very cheap.
  • Don’t forget to wear a mask and safety hand gloves.
  • Wear safety goggles.

How to Clean The Outer Body of Vornado Tower Fan

Take a clean and soft cloth. Simply clean the whole surface and the base of the tower fan. You don’t have to use water or cleaning chemicals in the cloth or tower fan. If you use any kind of solvents, there is a chance of color to be faded. So, don’t take any risk.

Should I Disassemble Vornado Tower Fan Before Cleaning 

The first thing you must remember when learning how to clean a VORNADO Tower Fan is that you need not disassemble it before cleaning. Vornado Tower circulation doesn’t come with user serviceable parts. Remember that disassembling the tower fan unit will negate or void your warranty.

However, it is recommended that you send it back to VORNADO service or any authentic service providers if you think service is needed.

Tips & Precaution

  • Make sure you remove it from the electric socket or source of power.
  • Don’t use motor oil or mobile in the fan motor because it is permanently lubricated.
  • Avoid using thinners, gasoline, solvents or some other chemicals while cleaning.
  • It is recommended not to use water to clean the air circulator, house vacuum can do the work well.
  • For cleaning the grills, use a little amount of mild dishwashing soap on damp cloth, it will help in efficient cleaning
  • If convenient, you can carry the fan outside for cleaning to avoid blowing the dust and dirt within the house.

Why Should You Clean a Fan Regularly? 

For Best Performance

Blades of a fan become dirty very frequently. It will reduce the efficiency of your fan because dirty blades tend to move slowly. Moreover, dust and dirt make the motor noisy.

To Decrease or Eliminate Dust Allergies

The main cause of asthma is dust.  Fans accumulate dust. If you don’t clean a fan, it may flow dust particles in the air.

To Improve the Aesthetic Look of Your House

A clean and clear fan will help to increase the beauty of your bedroom or living room wherever you keep it.

Wrapped it up

Now you have successfully learned how you should clean your VORNADO Tower Fan. This easy guide has aided many people to remove squeaking or other noises and ensured that cleaner air circulated all round their bedroom or other rooms in their houses.

There are lots of tower fan models available but the process of cleaning is quite similar.



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