How Much Electricity Does A Fan Use?

If you had trouble contemplating what best to use, to cool yourself down, in-home or office, or anytime your indoors, then fan-use is the answer not to worry about how much electricity it’s used.

As the sun soars up, you’ll be at your most comfortable, as the fan helps circulate air, providing gust of wind. What more would you need?

But wait, how much electricity does a fan use overnight? Or if you live it for a long time? What about the energy bill? Well, it might not be as you had thought or expected.

In this article, we are going to give you idea about various types of fans and their energy consumption.

How to Calculate Electricity Consumption Of Electric Fan

The electricity consumption of each type of fan is different as most of them have different wattage ratings. Thus, to find out how much electricity an electric fan will consume, one needs to know the correct wattage rating of that individual model of the fan, otherwise, nobody will able to calculate it correctly.

So, we will teach you how you can calculate the energy consumption of an electric fan. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: Wattage Calculation.

First, you have to find out the wattage rating of your fan. You will find this rating in the product specification that is labeled bottom or back of the fan or product specification listed on the online if your purchased model is branded. In case, you haven’t found any wattage rating than you may follow below options to determine it:

  • Purchase a wattmeter and use it to display the watt reading.
  • Secondly, contact the manufacturer of that individual fan. They will give you the reading.

Step 2: Convert watts to kilowatts.

The next step is, you need to convert the wattage to kilowatts hours. Everyone knows that 1000 watts in one kilowatt. Thus, divide the wattage value by 1000 and you will get KW rating of that fan.

For example, assuming your fan uses 60 watts output to the maximum and does not exceed, then take 60 and divide by 1000 (60 by 1000) = 0.06KW.

Next, you’ll multiply the above results, with the hours you spend with your fan to get your consumption e.g

Step 3: Determine the kilowatts uses per day.

Apply the formula to determine energy consumption per day:

Device Kilowattage (KW) x Hours Used Per Day = Kilowatt-hours (KWh) per Day

Let’s assume you spend like 6 hours, and this will be 0.06kW * 6Hours = 0.36kW. As simple as that.

Difference Between kWh and kW

kWH Stand for Kilowatt-hour

and kW Stand for Kilowatt

You need to differentiate two things here: Technically, kW is the measurement of power, while kWH is a measurement of energy.

In short, energy is the ability the fan uses to work, and power is electricity consumption the fan uses.

A Kilowatt is 1000watts for example 20000watts = 20 kilowatts (20000watts / 1000watts) = 20 kilowatts. “Measure of power”

A 1000 drill will need 1000 watts ( 1kw ) to make it work and use 1 kWh of energy in an hour, according to OVO energy.

How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use Overnight?

We will make it simple with the below example.

Assume that you are running your fan while you are sleeping. You may think how much it may cost you to run a fan overnight? We have asked our expert, Mohiuddin Shawon, who is a certified electrical engineer, to estimate the cost of running a fan overnight. He found that the average cost will vary between 7$ to 10$. He has assumed that,

The output wattage of the fan is 60W and the price per kWh of energy cost is $14p

The total will be $0.07. Just an example, but this is how you get to calculate.

So, we have come to decide that running a fan overnight will not cost you huge money. It will cost only a few bucks monthly. Without any kind of tension, you can use any type of fan overnight.

How Much Electricity Does a Pedestal Fan Use?

Pedestal fans are easy to use with soothing abilities of cooling solutions. You can place it anywhere, and they don’t take much space, and they don’t consume much electricity.

These fans are used almost everywhere, as they are convenient compared to air conditioners, which consume more electricity.

If you set your pedestal fan at a low-speed level, it will not use as much electricity as when its at high speed. Its that simple.

They also vary according to the size, model, and inverter unit. Fans with inverter units consume less than the ones which don’t have.

Likewise, a massive pedestal fan has a maximum output of up to 300w, whereas, a small one will range between 45w to 70w.

Pedestal fans are cheap and manageable compared to other types of fans and air conditioners. They don’t use much electricity, like other cooling options, and are flexible and portable to use.

How Much Electricity Does a Tower Fan Use?

Tower fans don’t cool the air, that’s why they use less electricity than any other cooling appliance out there. And besides, they are many ways cheap.

Tower fan uses different types of electricity depending on the standard and speed. If you set a tower fan at high speed, it will cost you much power than an amateur with low speed.

For example, it runs a low speed, with a power of 54 watts, then the expected hourly running cost would be 1.55cc with an average annual running of $ 22.63.

Assuming again it has a 1500watt, which equates to 1.5 kWh, with 2019 electricity price then, 1.5 kWh would cost around 18 cents per hour.

You know the wattage, and you’re good to go.


There you have it. The electricity amount you consume with fans entirely depends on the choice you opt for. Go for a cooling solution that you’re comfortable with.


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