Ceiling Fans with Lights Y1095-BK Review – Worth the Hype?

Why settle for a boring ceiling fan when you can have one that looks sleek and modern while keeping you cool? We recently upgraded to the LudoFan and, wow, what a difference! It’s a 20-inch flush mount ceiling fan that manages to be both stylish and functional. Plus, installing it was a breeze—or so we thought.


Controlling this fan is quite entertaining. The remote and app control are super convenient, allowing us to adjust the settings without getting off the couch. It’s got six wind speeds and three light temperatures, making it perfect whether you want to chill or read a book in a well-lit room. The dimmable LED lighting is a nifty feature, too!

Sure, there were moments when we were trying to figure out the wiring and could have used an extra hand, but hey, we got it done. And now, not only does our room look cooler (pun intended), but it feels cooler too.

Bottom Line

The LudoFan is a smart choice for those who want both style and functionality. With its powerful yet quiet performance and user-friendly controls, it’s a ceiling fan worth having in any room.

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Get Lit with LUDOMIDE: A Ceiling Fan Overview

Why This Sleek Fan is the Talk of the Ceiling

We’ve seen a bunch of ceiling fans, but this one from LUDOMIDE really caught our eye. It’s not just a fan – it’s a conversation starter! Imagine having friends over and hearing them gasp as they notice your ceiling fan’s modern and elegant design. It’s like the star of your living room! Crafted from iron, ABS, and acrylic, it’s as tough as it is stylish.

The fan comes with a remote control and an app, so you don’t have to move an inch to change the settings. It has 6 wind speeds and three light temperatures, making it super customizable for any mood or occasion. Plus, the fan is impressively quiet – under 30dB – which means no annoying hum ruining your Netflix binge.

Now let’s talk about lighting. The stepless dimmable LED lets us adjust the brightness exactly how we like it. Remembering the last setting is a nice touch too. And honestly, we love how easy it is to install. Just a few wires, a couple of screws, and voilà!

There’s a lot to love about this fan, but nothing’s perfect. Installing it might require a bit of muscle and using the S hook would have saved us some trouble. Still, once it’s up, it’s a game-changer for any room.

Key Features

Control Freaks, Rejoice: App and Remote Operation

We’ve all been there—comfy on the couch, and the fan’s speed is just not right. No worries! With this ceiling fan, you can use the FanLamp Pro App or the remote to adjust it without moving a muscle. The remote even has a wall-mount holder, so it’s always easy to find. This feature is a game-changer for those of us who love convenience and can’t stand searching for lost remotes.

Smarty Pants Fan: LED Light Memory Feature

This feature is like magic. Imagine turning off the fan and the next time you turn it on, the light remembers your last settings! We love how the LED Light Memory lets us pick up right where we left off, without having to fiddle with settings every single time.

Brightness on Demand: Stepless Dimmable Lighting

Lighting should be as flexible as our mood swings, right? The stepless dimmable LED lighting lets us fine-tune the brightness from a faint glow to full daylight. With three light color options—Warm Yellow Light, Natural White Light, and Bright Day Light—we can set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Adjusting the light is as smooth as butter.

Silent Whirl: Quiet Yet Mighty Performance

Six wind speeds and a natural wind function? Yes, please! The fan delivers a powerful breeze without disturbing the peace. We were skeptical at first, but the DC inverter motor really delivers on its promise of silent operation, keeping noise levels under 30dB. Whether we need a soft night breeze or a strong gust, this fan has got us covered.

Unwind or Wind Up: Customizable Comfort

We’ve all been there—wanting a ceiling fan that’s as stylish as it is functional. With the Y1095-BK, you don’t have to choose. This ceiling fan gives you ultimate control to tailor your comfort.

Temperature and Speed Settings

One of our favorite features is the six different wind speeds. Whether it’s a gentle whisper or a full-on gust, you’ll get exactly what you need. These settings make it ideal for both humid summers and chilly winters.

Additionally, the stepless dimmable LED lighting lets you adjust the brightness smoothly from 10% to 100%. Want a toasty yellow glow or a bright daylight effect? You got it! The three light temperatures are a game-changer.

Let’s not forget the natural wind function and night light mode for those who value tranquility. And with less than 30dB of noise, it’s like an invisible comfort machine in your room.

So, whether you need to unwind with a soft breeze or wind up the air circulation, this member of the LUDOMIDE family has you covered.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Breezy Benefits

First, let’s talk about the awesome features of this ceiling fan. The design is sleek and modern, fitting into any room decor like a charm. With 6 wind speeds, you get to choose just how breezy you want it to be. And the dimmable LED lighting? It’s like having our own personal lighting expert on standby! Plus, the fan is super quiet, which is a huge win for those of us who value peace and quiet.

Another big plus is the convenience of control. We can adjust settings through the remote or the FanLamp Pro App, making it almost too easy to use. There’s even a light memory function that remembers our last settings, saving us the hassle of readjusting every time.

Cons: Potential Deal-Breakers

Of course, there are a few things that could be better. Installation, for instance, is not as smooth as we’d like. Unless we’re the handiest person on the planet, we might struggle a bit – especially if we don’t read the instructions first.

Also, while the remote and app are great, the number of features can be a bit overwhelming at first. It takes a bit of time to get used to all the functions, but once we do, it’s worth it.

That’s the lowdown on what’s good and what’s not-so-good about this ceiling fan. Now, back to enjoying that perfect breeze!

Customer Reviews: The Buzz from Buyers

We’ve had a blast reading through what everyone else thinks about the Ceiling Fans with Lights. It seems like a lot of folks are big fans, pun totally intended!

People are raving about the easy installation. One happy camper even said they set it up over their lunch break. We all know how precious that time is—so color us impressed!

Many reviews highlighted the sleek design. It’s great for low ceilings, which means no more ducking or hitting your head. Our taller friends will definitely appreciate that feature.

The quiet operation is another hot topic. Parents especially love this for kids’ rooms, helping them sleep comfortably without the noisy whir of a typical fan.

Of course, not all is perfect. Some mentioned that installation was tricky until they actually read the instructions. Who reads those anyway, right? Pro tip: stop being stubborn and check the manual!

Installation Station: Setup Simplified

We love it when a product doesn’t require a degree in engineering to set up. Thankfully, the Ludomide Ceiling Fan made installation a breeze (pun intended). Most of the fan comes pre-assembled, which means less hassle and more time for us to relax.

First, connect the wires. The instructions are clear enough that even our technophobic friend could follow them. A handy wall-mount remote holder is included, so no more frantically searching for the remote! The App control synced seamlessly, making it super convenient.

Not everything was perfect, though. We had some trouble aligning the fan mount at first, but once sorted, it became clear this was a one-time annoyance.

The whole process took about 30 minutes from start to finish, leaving us wondering why all home installations can’t be this easy.

Warranty Wonders: Shopping with Confidence

We’ve all had that moment. You know, when you install something new and wonder, “What if this thing decides to quit on me?” Well, with the LUDOMIDE low profile ceiling fan, those worries can take a vacation. From the get-go, Installation was smooth for most of us, but even the slight hiccups left us covered with a whopping lifetime warranty.

And then there’s the 60-day refund policy. If for some strange reason, you decide your room looked better with that ancient, wobbly fan from the ’90s, sending it back is a breeze. No awkward phone calls, just confidence in every purchase. Trust us, having a fan this good-looking with backup protection never felt better!

Conclusion: Are You Fan Enough?

So, are we fan enough for the LUDOMIDE ceiling fan? We think so! This fan is super quiet and perfect for keeping cool without a fuss. We love how it doesn’t hog ceiling space, making it great for low ceilings. The install time? Well, it could’ve been quicker if we’d actually read the instructions.

One downside? It’s not straightforward if you don’t follow the manual. Still, the remote and app control are a game-changer. We adjusted the light’s brightness and fan speeds without leaving the couch. Over 1,000 reviewers can’t be wrong—this fan really blows… in a good way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do ceiling fans with remote controls never laugh at my jokes?

We’ve all been there—expecting a chuckle from our gadgets. Unfortunately, the Ceiling Fan is not programmed with a sense of humor. While it’s great for keeping us cool and lighting up our rooms, it just doesn’t get sarcasm or puns. It might be smart enough to remember our preferred light settings, but it won’t appreciate our comedic attempts.

Are smart ceiling fans actually brainiacs, or do they just nod along to my commands?

Our ceiling fan excels at following commands. With the FanLamp Pro App and remote control, it responds effortlessly to commands. Whether it’s adjusting the light temperature or changing wind speeds, it does it all without question. Yet, it doesn’t actually think for itself. Let’s just say it’s more obedient than genius, which is a win for us!

What happens if I lose the remote to my ceiling fan this time? Does the fan sulk in silence forever?

Losing remotes is practically a hobby for us. Thankfully, the FanLamp Pro App has our back. Even if the remote vanishes into the mysterious abyss of lost things, the app allows us to control all functions. Plus, the included wall-mount remote holder helps reduce the chances of losing it in the first place.

If I install a ceiling fan myself, will it develop an attachment issue, or will it still respect my personal space?

Installing the Ceiling Fan ourselves might make us proud, but it won’t cause any attachment issues. It respects our personal space and does its job without hovering too closely. With its flush mount design, it stays out of our way, allowing us to avoid awkward fan encounters—even for our taller friends.

How bright are these dimmable LED lights? Will my cat need sunglasses?

Don’t worry, no cat sunglasses required here! The dimmable LED lights on our ceiling fan range from just a soft glow to room-brightening levels. Whether we need bright daylight for activities or a warm yellow light for relaxation, the 3 light temperatures give us plenty of options.

Do any of these high-tech ceiling fans also double as a helicopter for my pet hamster?

As fun as it sounds, our ceiling fan strictly remains a fan. It offers six different wind speeds and plenty of smart features. Unfortunately, it’s not designed for hamster aviation.

Let’s keep our furry friends on the ground and let the fan do what it does best—cooling and lighting up our space!

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