10 Most Popular Type of Fans for Home Use that Every Dweller Must Know

An air conditioner is the first choice for cooling a space or room in summer, isn’t it? But everyone can’t afford an air conditioner for home as AC is very expensive and you have to pay an enormous amount of electricity bill during the hot month. Fans are always been the second choice and the best alternative of an air conditioner. The greatest benefit of the fan is that they consume less electricity and cools the body faster. It’s very difficult to choose a perfect fan for your room because there are many types of fans available in the market and each fan type has different use and characteristics.

So, you will become very confused if you don’t have an idea about each type of fan. Don’t worry!!! After reading this article you must get a brief idea about types of fans that are most popular among the people for household use.

Different Types of Fans for Home Or Office Use Only

1. Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is the most primitive type of mechanical fan and most popular among the customers. Ceiling fans usually mounted on ceiling, as the name suggest, with the help of a solid rod and placed far away from anyone’s reach. For optimal performance, you have to hang ceiling fan at least 8 feet above the floor of your room. You have to connect your ceiling fan wiring with the outlet box located on the ceiling of the house or apartment. After all the installation process done properly, you ceiling fan is ready to spin.  

When you turn “ON” the switch of a ceiling fan, it starts to rotate in the clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction. The hub of the ceiling fan mounted with either 3, 4, 5, and sometimes even more blades. Self-starting DC motor inside the motor housing of the fan helps these blades to oscillate 360° until the fan is turned OFF.

Two kinds of ceiling fans are available in the market depending on the motor type. They are AC Motor Fan and DC Motor Fan.

DC motor ceiling fan can rotate in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. When the fan rotates in the anticlockwise direction, air only flows in a downward direction and this direction is best for cooling our body during the hot summer. When it rotates clockwise, it draws air, especially cool air upward toward the ceiling of the room where the air gets contact with hot air (since hot air always trends to tap on the ceiling of the house). Thus the cool air becomes hot very quickly than normal time. This rotation is perfect for winter seasons when we need hot and warm air more. So, you can use a dc motor ceiling fan both in summer and winter seasons.

DC motor fans are 70% more energy efficient than an AC motor ceiling fan. Moreover, DC motor ceiling fans are very quiet in operation. Ac motor ceiling fan can rotate always oscillate in the anticlockwise direction. So, you can only use it in anyone season.

Features You May Find in a Ceiling fan

  • Some ceiling fan models integrated with LED light kits. This type of model is perfect for the garage.
  • 360° oscillation
  • Very high CFM rating
  • Metal construction
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Modern ceiling fan has remote control
  • Its motor is capable of running in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
  • For quick on/off, some fan integrated with pull chains.

Benefits of Ceiling fan

  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Easy to clean. It only takes a few minutes.
  • It doesn’t need additional space on the floor.
  • It can be used during both the summer and winter seasons.
  • You may find a ceiling fan of 3, 4, or 5, even 8 blades according to your need.
  • They are so powerful that you can find a ceiling fan that can cover a large size room very easily.

Drawbacks of Ceiling fan

  • Need to change the capacitor after a few months.
  • Looks and design are not good for the modern home.
  • It creates noise.

Where You Can Use

As they are very powerful, you can use it in your patio, garage, or outdoor space. Many people use a ceiling fan in their bedroom. But, you have to remember that it creates white noise and one may find this kind of sound annoying. They are normally place middle of the room so that the air it blows can be distributed equally all over the room.

2. Tower Fan

Seville Classic Ultraslimline Oscillating Tower Fan

Tower fans are the most popular type of fan of today’s world as they offer very advanced level features that no other fans are able to do so.

Tower fans are very lightweight, sleek, and slim. They are extremely portable. You can move this device from one room to another effortlessly.

The look of the tower fan is not similar to normal rational fan since you will not see any visible blades like other traditional fans. Normally, most of the tower fan comes up with a cylindrical container/casing that holds the fans motor and blades. So, the blades and motor of the fan are secretly and safely kept inside the casing so that no one can touch them. An electric motor help to oscillate this cylindrical container (that means the fan) 90 degrees both in left to right in order to cover larger area.

The blades of tower fans (also known as impeller blades) are specially made such that it can move air from the cylindrical frame more swiftly. This kind of blades also helps to push the air in an upward and downward direction.

The most asked question to us how tower fan works? the below video will explain it.

Features You May Find In A Tower Fan

  • Minimum 90° oscillation
  • Air filtration system
  • Variable speed setting
  • Remote control system with suitable storage in back or top
  • LED display to show the temperature, fan speed mode, oscillation, etc.
  • Pre-programmable timer
  • Programmable thermostat

Benefits of Tower Fan

  • Slim and sleek in design.
  • Easy to place.
  • Unique design
  • Less noisy
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Environment friendly since filter air
  • Easy to operate
  • Safes lots of power
  • Easy to clean
  • The motor is permanently lubricated

Drawbacks of Tower Fan

  • Hard to disassemble
  • Plastic body
  • Less powerful than a pedestal fan
  • Not very powerful

Where You Can Use

Oscillating tower fans are ideal for bedroom and living room.

3. Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fan works and functions like a tower fan. But, it doesn’t look attractive like a tower fan because the blades are visible and total construction is bulky. But, they are much more powerful and durable then tower fan.

We have discussed the difference between tower fan and pedestal fan in short. You can check this article “Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan: Which is the Best” to get more information. 

Pedestal Fan

The head of a pedestal fan is coupled with a long and thin rod which is further supported by a strong and big round-shaped base to make the pedestal fan stable and wobble-free. You can adjust (both increase or decrease) the height of a pedestal fan if your pedestal fan has an in-built adjustable height feature to ensure suitable airflow to a specific whenever you needed. Moreover, they can blow a huge amount of air in a certain direction which means you can point the airflow toward your body when you are set on a cough or around your bed when you are laying on your bed. Pedestal fans oscillate greater than tower fan. A pedestal can oscillate 180°, so it can circulate air in more areas.

Good to know that now pedestal fans come with remote control and a digital display which was very much rare on the pedestal fan of older models a few years ago. These special features make the pedestal fan more user-friendly than ever before.

Features You May Find In A Pedestal Fan

  • Adjustable height feature
  • High CFM rating
  • 180° oscillation
  • Variable speed setting
  • Lightweight but heavier than tower fan
  • Easy to carry from room to room.
  • Remote control
  • Digital display (not all models available though)
  • Auto shut off timer

Benefits of Pedestal Fan

  • Very powerful
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Cleaning of pedestal fan is superbly easy.
  • Very efficient air circulator.
  • Portable
  • Long-lasting.

Drawbacks of Pedestal Fan

  • Need large space for placing it in a room
  • Don’t safe for kids. As the gaps in the grills are large and high spinning blades can cause serious injury
  • Noisy at high speed

Where You Can Use

Pedestal fans are perfect for outdoor like a patio or terrace. You can also pick it for a bedroom or living room use. But, the noise it generates particularly when it is on high-speed setting mode may irritate you while you are sleeping or working.

4. Window Fan

Window fans are singularly designed to install inside the window flame. It can be placed in the window of your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Window fans are mostly designed to cool rooms without cutting too much cost like air conditioners. Usually, they have two individual fans. One use to pull cool air from the outside of the house and distribute the cool air into the room. Another fan mainly does the work of an exhaust fan by exhausting the hot air of the room outside and the room cool.

Window fans can be found with single, dual, or even triple independently controllable blades connected side by side.

Good quality window fans should have an automatic revisable feature which makes this fan work both intake and exhaust mode at the same time.

Window fans will not work properly if you fail to choose a window fan with an accurate CFM rating needed from your particular room. So, measure the require CFM needed from your room correctly before making your decision to buy one. 

Features You May Find In A Window Fan

  • Remote control available
  • Auto shut off
  • Adjustable extender to fit in window easily
  • Programmable thermostat.
  • Variable speed setting
  • Reversible airflow
  • Motor is water-resistant

Benefits of Window Fan

  • Window fan helps to bring the fresh air inside the home.
  • It doesn’t need additional space for placing it.
  • Safe to use.
  • Window fans are Easy to clean
  • Cools the room very efficiently.
  • Very quiet operation.

Drawbacks of Window Fan

  • The installation of window fans is difficult.
  • You may need to hire professionals for installation.
  • Sometimes drags dust and dirty smell from outside. But now you will find a window fan that comes with an air filter.

Where You Can Use

Window Fans are perfect to use in your bedroom, dining or living room beside or above the window as a secondary fan. Besides that, it can use an exhaust fan for your bathroom, kitchen, and garage or storeroom.

5. Bladeless Fan

Bladeless Fan

Did you ever hear about the bladeless fan? Maybe you didn’t! Well, the bladeless fan is nothing but a smarter version of the tower fan. There is no invisible blade available in a bladeless fan.

Japanese Company Toshiba first introduced the concept of the bladeless fan, but Sir James Dyson (the founder of Dyson Ltd) is the first who launched a bladeless fan more successfully and make it popular. The bladeless fan of DYSON more works like a reverse vacuum cleaner. The motor and blades of bladeless fans are secretly kept inside the lower part of the fan which is normally known as the base of the fan. A special kind of brushless dc motor is used in the bladeless fan. It typically sucks the air of the surrounding through the base of the fan and an unknown mechanism works inside the cylinder of the fan that amplifies the air 15 to 18 times before blowing out. This kind of fan is noiseless and 100 percent safe for small children and pets.

Features You May Find In A Bladeless Fan

  • No visible blade. Completely unique design
  • Air ionizer and air filtration system that helps to clean and filter the air inside your house
  • Pre-programmable timer
  • Programmable thermostat for turning on/off the fan at the desired temperature
  • Different speed setting mode
  • It can oscillate

Benefits of Bladeless Fan

  • Perfect for the modern home. These types of fan increase the aesthetic view of the house.
  • Low noise.
  • Easy to clean. Don’t need to disassemble.
  • No visible blades mean no chance of injury with blades.

Drawbacks of Bladeless Fan

  • They are very expensive.
  • Wind flowing power in a little bit lower than a pedestal fan or tower fan.

Where You Can Use

Bladeless fans are spotless for bedroom and front room. They may be an excellent choice for the office as it produces very low sound.

6. Desk/Table Fan

Table fan

This small oscillating wonder is best suitable for a single person. This fan is mainly used in the office or a person working at home on a desk. The Newer version of the desk fan includes a mist cooling system for extra cooling effects. It works excellently on your dressing table and bathroom for cooling.

Features You May Find In A Desk Fan

  • You can tilt table fan head to adjust the angle up or down.
  • The multi-directional motorized oscillation that creates better and larger cooling space.
  • The front grille is easy and quickly removable.

Benefits of Table Fan

  • Very lightweight and easy portable.
  • Very high airflow.
  • Price is very low
  • Easy to clean

Drawbacks of Table Fan

  • Create a high level of noise
  • Don’t safe for kids

Where You Can Use

You can use an electric fan in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, patio, office desk, or reading table. Not only that, but they are also very suitable to use it beside a makeup or dressing table and they will make you comfortable while you doing some makeup. Also, you may find a good quality window fan or an exhaust fan that is perfect for the kitchen.

7. Exhaust Fan

We typically find exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom to maintain a comfortable temperature and ensure air quality. But, they also prevent the smell of the bathroom/kitchen, pull out excess moisture, and purify the air by removing dust particles from the room. Basically, the air of kitchen and bathroom become very humid because they have to deal with moisture produce by cooking or hot water showering or dishwashing. That is why we feel warm and start to sweat when we are in our kitchen or bathroom. Furthermore, excess moisture can damage the appliance made with metal and condensation that are created during the use of hot water can damage the wall or ceiling by leading mild growth on those surface. Using a good quality exhaust fans are the best option to get rid of this severe situation. 

Usually, exhaust fans rotate at exponentially high speed. When they rotate at high speed, they drag the warm and hot air toward and then deliver them outside. Since the hot air goes outside of the room quickly, the fan creates a hollowness inside the space. In this manner, the cool and fresh air outside started filling the gap if you open the window. So, it is very important to open the window(s) if you want to have cool and fresh air while using an exhaust fan. But, if you need to remove the odor and pollutant from the room, then you don’t need to open the window or door.

Some modern exhaust fans blessed with a built-in thermostat feature which ensures the fan speed with the change of room temperature. 

8. Wall Mounted Fan

The wall-mounted fan becomes very handy when space is a big issue somewhere like a basement and garage. They suitable for those places because you don’t have to place it on the floor or table, rather you can hang it over on the wall quite easily. It comes with brackets and other necessary hardware to mount it on the wall with the unit. So, the installation of wall-mounted fan is very simple and easy, only you have to follow the instruction given in the user manual come with the unit.

Wall-mounted fan pushes a blast of air horizontally toward space and helps the air to circulate in the whole room since it can oscillate 180 degrees. They are an awesome air circulator. Thus, we often have seen they are using as a supplementary fan to move cold air conditioner air throughout the entire room very effectively. In this manner, it also helps to reduce the load of your air conditioners and hence reduce the electricity cost.

Sometimes we have found that wall mounted fan is using in very tight space to avoid the stuffiness of the room by circulating the air in the room. They generate enough airflow to reach each corner of the room.

9. Misting Fan

Mist fan

Well, this is one of my favorite type of fan. It is the only fan type in our list that can be the best alternative to the air conditioning system. Like an air conditioner, a misting fan can cool the room but they don’t cost lots of money like air conditioners. Nevertheless, they can’t reduce the temperature as low as an air conditioner, however, sufficient enough to make you comfortable in the hot summer even in outdoor space. An air conditioner can make your room temperature up to 15°C. On the other hand, misting fans can reduce the temperature of the room up to 25°C which is pretty good enough to make yourself comfortable during the intense summer period. One of the biggest benefits of misting fans is they can reduce the humidity of the room which an air conditioner can’t do. Air conditioners normally dry the air which is not good for the skin. But, a misting fan balances the moisture of the room by spraying water droplets from the nozzles which is one of the eye-catching features of a misting fan.

Usually, a misting fan has a container where you need to supply fresh and clean water. The water supplied in the container is squirted out from a nozzle that is connected with a high-pressure pump. The high-pressure water pump is also connected with a powerful blower which ensures the spray to go far away.

10. Attic Fan

Like ceiling fan attic fans are also installed on the ceiling but this type of fan is only can be used in your attic. It is a very powerful addition to your apartments ventilation system. It very efficiently draws hot and humid air out of your attic by pushing it outside of the house using a sniffing vent. Furthermore, the attic fan helps to cool the attic by replacing stifling air with the fresh and cool air outside. This cool air distributes to the entire house slowly and cools the entire house very significantly. It cools your house very slowly, but it doesn’t consume huge electricity like an air conditioner. Also, solar attic fans available on the market which will not cost any electricity bill as it is completely operated on solar power.

Final Words

The 6 types of fans that we listed above are the best kind of fan that you can use in your home to cool the body temperature normal during summer. We don’t list attic fan and misting fan because they are not very popular as the 6 fan types we discussed above.

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