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Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Which One is the Best?

Are you looking for a quality fan for your house?

But, after doing hours of research, you finally stuck between pedestal and tower fan. Well, you are not the only person. Many people normally stuck between these two type of fans when they are willing to purchase an electric fan.

Don’t need to be worry about it anymore!!

Our expert Mohiuddin Shawon who is a certified engineer is here to guide you on this. He has done hours of research on both types of fans and in some cases he has tested the popular fan models of both types of fans and finally, he brought this pedestal vs tower fan article for our readers.

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Point by Point Comparision

1. Space

Looking for a fan that is best for limited space? 

Lack of space is a huge problem for modern apartments. Because the apartments are very small in size. So. it’s very hard to find adequate storage for a new appliance. 

Perhaps, tower fan will be a better choice for this kind of scenario. Since tower fans are not bulky like pedestal fan. So, one can place it without any trouble.

Moreover, you can place your tower fan anywhere you want. They can be placed into any corner of a room but still blows the same airflow and the same level of air circulation. You can think to place any other fans even pedestal fans into the corner where you can fit a tower fan easily. 

On the other hand, the upper body and base of pedestal fans are wide and bulky. That’s why it requires a larger space to place. You have to check the dimension of the pedestal fan very carefully before purchasing one for your home. Otherwise, it will create a big problem if you don’t have enough room to place it.

2. Freedom of Choice

No other fans even pedestal fans can’t provide users such freedom of choice that tower fan does. They come in a verity of features (that allow you to personalize your fan according to your need), unique design (to grab the attention of your visitors or guests), and pricing option. Psychologically tower fan fulfills the expectations of modern customers.

3. Noise

Noise level is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing the right type of fan. Among these two types of fan, a tower fan is regarded as the quietest fan. Best oscillating tower fans are usually made of DC brushless motor. These type of motors produce less noise than normal fan motors. You can even place it as close to you as possible without the fear of noise.

Check Out The Sound Product By Dyson AM06 Tower Table Fan

The pedestal fan comes up with large and powerful blades. Therefore, they are built up with a powerful motor which creates a huge sound. It is clear that the pedestal fan gives more high-speed air circulation but makes a lot of noise also. 

Take A Look At The Noise Produced By Rowenta Pedestal Fan

4. Design

Tower fan comes in various designs, shapes, forms, and styles. Each manufacturer of tower fan offers unique designs which usually doesn’t match with other manufactures tower fan. Isn’t it surprisingly cool feature!! So, you can choose any model which you may think would be best slotted with your home décor.  

Design of pedestal fans is Often aesthetically unpleasing. They are not that much attractive as tower fan. 

That’s why we found that people truly value the design of their house or apartment doesn’t use pedestal fan at all. Since they may become a bit of an eyesore in your contemporary and modern apartment. 

But, we have seen many modern apartments has pedestal fan for outdoor use because they are powerful. Also, it looks attractive in those places like patio. Moreover, we have seen some good looking models of pedestal that looks awesome. Rowenta pedestal fan is the classic example of such kind of respectable design pedestal fan.   

5. Running Cost

We should always opt for purchasing appliances or machines that likely to consume less electricity. Look for an appliance/ machine that has a low wattage rating. Lower wattage rating, lesser it will consume electricity. 

When you compare the energy consumption of pedestal and tower fan, both fans wattage rating is almost similar. But, a pedestal fan consumes half the energy tower fan use to blow the same amount. We can say that tower fan blows much less air than pedestal fan although it consumes same electricity like pedestal fan.    

Running a pedestal fan will cost around 1-2 cents per hour. On the other hand, a tower fan will cost 2-3 cents depending on the models and features of the fan. Let’s take a look at the electricity consumption of pedestal and tower fan below:

First Yearly Approx. Cost of  a Pedestal fan

First, check out the wattage rating of some of the popular pedestal fan in the market:

  • Rowenta Pedestal Fan which is one of the most popular and also listed as the best pedestal fan on our website has a wattage rating of 70 watts on the highest speed, 55 watts on medium, and 40 watts on low speed setting.
  • AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan has achieved precious “Amazon Choice” level consume 45W on low, 50 on medium, and 60W on high speed setting.
  • Classic pedestal fan of Honeywell, one of the well-known fan manufacturers, Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan draws 35 watts on low setting, 40W on medium breeze mode, and 55 watts on highest speed setting.  
  • Lasko 1843 pedestal fan shows a huge difference in power consumption. It uses 65W/LOW speed setting, 85W/ MED speed setting, 114/HIGH speed setting.

On average, we can say the wattage rating of pedestal fan will be between 45W-75W in different speed setting mode. 

Okay. Now let assume that you have a pedestal fan which has three different speed setting mode (high, mid, and low). Also, assume that (based on the average wattage rating of the popular pedestal fan) this pedestal fan use 45W on low, 55 Watt on Mid, and 60W on high-speed mode. In both case studies, we assume the peak hour electricity rate is 28.7 cents and used the fan 8 hours per day. 

Let’s see how much cost it will cut running it for an entire year for 8 hours per day in the below table:

[ninja_tables id=”3502″]


  • We have calculated the above cost assuming that the per unit cost of energy is 28.7 cents which is the highest.
  • No fan is run during winter but we have also assume that the fan is being run for whole 12 months.

Now Take a Look At The Expected Cost of Running A Tower Fan

First, take a quick look at the power rating of some of the popular tower fan:

  • According to Lakso, Lasko 4443 Hybrid Tower Fan consumes 70 W on low, 80W on medium, and 90W on high-speed setting. It is a high-velocity fan that why its wattage rating is a bit high.
  • Seville Classics UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower Fan uses 40W on low setting, 48W on medium, and 55W on high-speed setting.
  • Another most popular and best-selling tower fan of Lasko family is Lasko T42951 Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan and it consumes 50 watts on high, 45 watts on med, 40 watts on low. It is one of the most energy-efficient tower fans available in the market.
  • Another energy-efficient tower fan is Honeywell HYF103 which power rating is almost similar to Lasko T42951.

Based on the above wattage rating of the popular tower fan we could say the power output rating of an average tower fan will be rated between 40W-60W.

Now, assume that based on the average wattage rating of the popular tower fan, your purchased tower fans wattage rating is 40W on low, 50Watt on Mid, and 60W on high speed. 

The calculated yearly electricity cost of tower fan is provided below: 

[ninja_tables id=”3504″]


  • You will find the information about the output power rating of a fan in the box or user manual.
  • Bladeless tower or pedestal fan consume less electricity than the traditional or normal tower or pedestal fan.

Reference: https://www.canstarblue.com.au/electricity/portable-fans-running-costs/

6. Cleaning

If you are looking for a fan that will take less time cleaning it, then tower fan is the one for you. The blades of the fan work from deep inside the fan. So the blades become dirty so often. Where there is less likely to attract dust and dirt. Therefore, you only require a dry cleaner brush and run it on the outside of the fan to clean it. You do not have to disassemble the fan to clean its blades; you can just use the compressed air.

On the other hand, the pedestal fan will require more time to cleaning it correctly. To clean a pedestal fan, you must have to disassemble the fan part to part. After that, you have to clean the blades with a towel or napkin using dust cleaner like soap water or other solution. Also, you might need to clean the grill dipping it into soap water and rubbing it using a towel/napkin.

After cleaning the pedestal fan, you will need to wipe it dry and put it back together. Therefore, if you can choose a pedestal fan if you will have that enough time to spend on it every month. 

7. Air Direction

You can get better flexibility with your airflow direction if you use a pedestal fan. They can adjust the airflow of pedestal fan up/down and right/left according to your need if your purchase pedestal has tilting feature. Furthermore, you can adjust the height of your pedestal fan which helps you direct the airflow more specific point. 

Tower fan can oscillate but we have found most of the models can oscillate lesser angle than pedestal fan (less than 180 degrees since it is considered to be standard). Which means air blowing out from pedestal fan is much larger. But, some tower fan offers same oscillation degree as pedestal fan. 

Besides, the tilting function is a very rare feature of the tower fan. Only a few models offer this. This feature is extremely common to pedestal fans. 

8. Price

Both types of fan are less expensive compared to other cooling systems available.

You may get a pedestal fan cost of starting at $30 and way up to $150 max. You may also get a tower fan with this price range. Also, you will find tower fan with the super high-end model which would cost you more than $300. Dyson tower fans are the example of such super high price models. 

So, we have concluded that both types of fans come with a wide range of pricing options. 

9. Portability

Both the pedestal and tower fan are very easy to move as they are specially designed to use as a movable fan.

However, tower fans are usually more flexible to move. Because they are more lightweight than a pedestal fan. Moreover, tower fans come up with a sturdy carry handle so that you can easily hold a tower fan and take it to the place where you want to.

10. Safety

A tower fan is safer than the pedestal fan since its blades locate deep inside the fan where kids and pets cannot access. However, the tower fan has a slim base, and one can easily knock it over accidentally and may cause serious injury.

The pedestal fan has a wide base so they are very stable while running. Their blades are very big in size and they are visible not hidden like a tower fan. There is a large gap in the pedestal fan cage. The fingers of an adult can easily slide through the gap and reach the fan blades which may create serious injury in some models. So there is, especially you have kids, a high chance of a finger getting whacked with fan blades if someone were to try.

11. Power

When it comes the power of fan, pedestal is way more powerful than tower fan. It is because pedestal fans’ blade size is very big and we know that bigger the blade size better the airflow. Besides, the CFM rating of pedestal fans is way greater than tower fan. A fairly good quality pedestal fan usually comes up with the CFM rating of around 1800 CFM on average. On the other side, the average cfm of tower fan is around 800 CFM. CFM is a very important parameter when we are talking about the fan. Because greater the value of the CFM rating of the fan larger space the fan will cover and speedier the fan will be.  

[ninja_tables id=”3097″]

Wrap it up

So what’s your choice? it is upon you to decide which fan can suit your requirement. Consider both the pros and cons of both fans and come up with the perfect fan to serve your purpose.

When it comes to tower fan vs pedestal fan, for me, tower fan is the winner as it is safe for kids and pets, good looking and lightweight.

But, if you want to buy a cheap fan and a more powerful fan then go for a pedestal fan. As we told earlier, the price difference between these 2 types of fan is negligible, it will be better to invest a little extra for a better option. 

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