Quietest Ceiling Fans of All Time

Ceiling fans are a stylish and economic investment to ventilate and cool down your space. However, one common complaint with various ceiling fan models is that they make a lot of noise. Especially for a bedroom ceiling fan, being noiseless is a priority for a good night’s sleep. A noisy ceiling fan can become a nuisance even when installed anywhere else apart from the bedroom.

The good news is that many ceiling fans in the market are now noise-free. While some ceiling fan offerings may produce a humming sound at full speed, many models have little to no sound at all. Intrigued?

Read on as we reveal the five quietest ceiling fans of all time, perfect for noiseless air circulation.

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5 Best Quiet Ceiling Fans for Noise-Free Air Circulation

Several ceiling fans feature come into play when looking for the quietest ceiling fans in the market. We will talk about these factors later in the article. With the help of these considerations, you can easily buy a quiet ceiling fan. However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of looking for the silent ceiling fan yourself, we have got you covered!

After thorough research and reviewing, we have come up with the five best quiet ceiling fans that are not only noiseless but also provide excellent airflow while being energy efficient. Find our top picks below and learn why they make this list.

1. Honeywell Carnegie 52-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Carnegie 52-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan


  • light and remote control
  • Triple mounting options (standard, flush, and angled)
  • Reversible motor
  • Three dimmable LED bulbs included
  • Reversible blades to provide dual style options


  • Tricky installation

The Honeywell Carnegie 52-Inch indoor ceiling fan with its five fan blades ensures even weight distribution, resulting in quiet operation. Users hail this Honeywell as offering one of the best silent ceiling fans on the market compared to other ceiling fans.

Apart from being one of the quietest ceiling fans, this appliance has several great features like a reverse airflow for cool and warm air circulation for usage throughout the year, a remote control, and a dimmable LED light kit. Moreover, this ceiling fan fits various ceiling heights, thanks to its three mounting options.

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2. Hunter Builder Indoor Low Profile Fan with LED Light

Hunter Builder Indoor Low Profile Fan with LED Light


  • WhisperWind™ motor for less noise
  • The reversible function can also circulate warm air
  • Energy-efficient ceiling fan with dimmable LED light bulbs
  • Perfect fit for low ceiling height with the flush mount


  • Pull chain control

When talking about the best quiet ceiling fan, a Hunter fan mention is inevitable. This company has made quite a name for itself due to its high-quality materials in fan construction, which allows its products to deliver super performance without making too much noise.

The low-profile 42-inch fan features include three LED light bulbs that can be dimmed using the included pull chain cord. However, the show’s star is the Hunter trademark WhisperWind™ motor, making this the quietest low-profile ceiling fan we have tested. Yet, with its five blades, this powerful motor provides ample air circulation, along with the reversible feature, which makes the ceiling fan usable all year round.

Apart from being a silent ceiling fan, this model has immense visual appeal. The lamp style lighting kit is available in three beautiful colors and brings old-world charm to traditional design aesthetics. However, this ceiling fan with light in its white color offering would look just as enticing in a modern decor set-up.

Although, one thing we miss with the fan ceiling fan model is a remote control, which would have made controlling the speed and light bulb brightness much easier than pull chains. That said, for low ceilings, this is the most impressive quiet ceiling fan on our list.

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3. Prominence Home Low Profile LED Globe Light Hugger Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home Low Profile LED Globe Light Hugger Ceiling Fan


  • Quiet motor with reversible function and three-speed settings
  • Two-sided blades complement various design schemes
  • Perfect for rooms with low ceilings
  • Frosted opal globe LED lighting
  • Universal ceiling fan remote control compatibility


  • Pull chain control/ remote control not included

Our next pick for the best quiet ceiling fan is the Prominence Home globe light hugger with pull-chain controls. This 42-inch low-profile fan is the perfect fit for small rooms with low ceilings, allowing you to keep the required distance between the appliance and the floor.

Smaller rooms are unforgiving when it comes to noisy ceiling fans, but this ceiling fan from Prominence Home has a super quiet motor, which makes noticeably less noise than others in the same price range.

Talking of price point, most ceiling fans in the same budget cannot compare with this hugger fan’s features and performance quality. This ceiling fan has an LED light in a frosted opal globe, making it an energy-efficient appliance with dual productivity.

Not only is this ceiling fan quiet, but it also has a limited lifetime warranty, various colors to choose from, and a three-speed, reversible motor. However, if we had to pick the downside, it is operational through pull chain controls rather than a remote control. Thus, to change the light or fan speed, you’d have to hop out of bed. Although we like how this model is universal ceiling fan remote control compatible, which means that you can buy a universal fan remote to use separately, it does not come with the ceiling fan.

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4. Minka-Aire 52-Inch LightWave LED Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire 52-Inch LightWave LED Ceiling Fan


  • Excellent airflow for larger rooms
  • Included lighting kit with a 16 watt LED bulb
  • Compatible with both remote and wall control (remote control included)
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not very budget-friendly

The Minka-Aire 52-inch light wave ceiling fan is the quietest ceiling fan you can install in large rooms (like living rooms) that require powerful air movement. With its 6-inch downrod, the ceiling fan design ensures that it cools down rooms with taller ceilings adequately. What’s even better is that you can order a different length downrod as per your room measurements.

This is one of the quietest ceiling fans with light on our list. In fact, at low and medium speed, the fan is completely silent. This quiet ceiling fan is not very audible, even at high speed, despite excellent airflow. However, some users complain that the fan hums, but a simple solution is to run the fan at full speed for a day, and the sound should disappear. Once allowed to run for a day, this Minka-Aire is the best ceiling fan with almost no intrusive sound.

Moreover, it comes with high performing, energy-efficient LED lighting, which lasts a very long time. If we’re being honest, this Minka-Aire should make the list for the best ceiling fan, even if this wasn’t a list for the quietest ceiling fans because of its unmatched performance – no noise is just an added perk to its outstanding other features. The price is on the higher side, but for ceiling fans of this quality, it is okay to splurge now and then.

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5. Sofucor 52” Wood Ceiling Fan With Lights

Sofucor 52'' Wood Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • 52-inch blade span suitable for large room
  • Heavy-duty AC motor for noiseless function (lower than 35 dB)
  • Reverse airflow
  • Remote control
  • Frosted LED light kit
  • Adjustable downrod height ( 5 or 10 inches)


  • No smart assistant

The Sofucor ceiling fan does not only look good but has the performance to match. Despite having an AC motor, its superior quality makes it a super quiet ceiling fan. Another thing we love about this remote-operated fan is how flexible it is in terms of usage. With an adjustable downrod and the option to buy with or without a light kit, this Sofucor offering is a modern ceiling fan to fit anyone’s requirements.

If you choose to buy the model with the light kit, you can be sure of energy efficiency, with an LED frosted light for much more subtle lighting that you can change the brightness for as preference. The remote control allows the choice between three fan speeds and air circulation direction so that you can use it in summer and winter.

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What Are The Quietest Ceiling Fans’ Main Features: Buying Guide

While all the ceiling fans on our list get top marks on noiseless performance, each space has unique requirements for buying a quiet ceiling fan. It could be anything from room dimension to ceiling height to location. Thus, it is always prudent to know what to look for when you are on the quest for the quietest ceiling fan.

If the ceiling fans mentioned above do not fit your bill, read ahead for our foolproof silent ceiling fans buying guide, which ensures you buy the ceiling fan just right for you. Here we talk about various factors that determine quiet fan performance.

However, most importantly, build quality matters the most for silent airflow. Ceiling fans constructed with quality materials usually have numerous features that aid smooth fan blade movement. This, in turn, results in quiet ceiling fans without compromising on the speed.

Apart from buying ceiling fans made from good materials, here are some other considerations when purchasing the quietest ceiling fan.

Motor Type

The motor type ceiling fans have, plays the most vital role in reducing noise as the appliance is used, especially at full speed. Even though AC motors have been used for fans and other devices for a long time (since power companies provide AC), DC motors in fans have become increasingly popular. DC motors are quiet, but they also use significantly less energy. Therefore, for silent fan function, opt for fans with DC motors.

However, a fan with a DC motor will be more expensive than one with an AC motor. So, if you have budget constraints, you may want to opt for an AC motor. (You may hear terms like an oil bath motor or a flywheel motor.) There might even be a chance that you can find some of the best silent ceiling fans with an AC motor of higher quality. So, there are many rides on the motor quality when you look past the type.

Remember that a high-quality AC motor is a better bet for the quietest ceiling fan than a cheap quality DC motor. As discussed before, high build quality will always trump low-quality ceiling fan parts. Thus, always check fan specifications in detail before buying.

Fan Blades (Number and Span)

Another consideration while buying a ceiling fan with quiet performance in mind is to look at the number of blades. As a rule of thumb, more blades mean more balance because it provides even weight distribution.

When the weight is distributed evenly, it allows for the fan blades to be more balanced and produce less noise, even at higher speeds. Thus, a ceiling fan with fan blades will typically make less noise than one with three, but that is only the case when comparing similar quality fan blades.

It is possible to have a quieter ceiling fan with fewer blades when they are of higher quality than a fan with more blades of lower quality. So better weight distribution works, but only if the fan has high-quality blades. So, keep that in mind when selecting fan blade numbers.

Another thing to think about is the blade span. Fans with a larger blade span will not perform well in smaller rooms, often drowning them in noise. The problem is not the fan performance but the wrong blade span in such cases. For example, a 52-inch blade span is suitable for a large room, and smaller spaces are better for a 42-inch blade span.

Room In Square Feet

Another big reason a ceiling fan with great reviews about quiet function might not work for you is the room dimensions. Placing the right-sized fan in the right-sized room is essential for optimal performance. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the suitable room size for the ceiling.

If you install a bigger fan in a small room, it usually sounds much louder than in an appropriately sized space. While a smaller span ceiling fan in a bigger room will be relatively noiseless, the air movement will not be satisfactory.

Speed Settings

Last but not least, check how it performs on various speed settings. Many ceiling fans rotate quietly on lower speed settings but are rather loud on the highest setting. However, high-quality ceiling fans tend to be louder when running at full speed.

Go for a ceiling fan that offers a good compromise between adequate cooling and less noise. Usually, fans with a DC motor and well-balanced high-quality blades perform well on all seed settings while being silent.

So, there you have it! Everything you need to look for when buying a fan that will run well and provide noise-free performance. Choose one of the fans from our list or refer to our buying guide to choose one for yourself. This article has all the information to help you buy the quietest possible ceiling fan that will last you a long time.

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