How to Clean A Honeywell Fan in your home?

Are you worried about cleaning your Honeywell fan? Or your Honeywell fan becomes grimy and you don’t know how to clean your Honeywell Fan? Moreover, you have also lost your user manual where you may find the proper guideline to clean your purchased Honeywell fan. Well, just chill, our experts are here to guide you. 

It is always a very good practice to clean your fan in every 3-4 weeks. Cleaning a fan in proper time will improve the efficiency of airflow and make the fan look healthy and hygienic. 

cleaning a Honeywell fan

Become we go through the process of cleaning a Honeywell fan, we will introduce you the types of Honeywell fan available on the market:

  • Pedestal Fan. In 2005, Honeywell was started out manufacturing pedestal fan. They are reputed to produce superb quality. Most of the Honeywell pedestal fan models got positive customer reviews on Amazon and eBay. The price of Honeywell pedestal fan is between 40$-80$ depending on the feature and style.
  • Table Fan. Honeywell table fans are lightweight and amazingly quiet in nature. Purchasing a Honeywell table fan may cost 20$-40$. These fans are very lightweight, speedy and good looking.
  • Tower Fan. A tower fan is very popular among the new buyers of the fan. If you wanna buy an oscillating fan for your home, Honeywell will be the best option for you. The price range of Honeywell tower fans is between 40$-80$.

Things you may need:

✔ Phillips Screwdriver. A screwdriver is an important and essential household chore. If you don’t have Phillips screwdriver, you can buy a set of Phillips screwdriver cost of 12$-40$. Check price on Amazon

✔ Compressed air cans. Available at Amazon only for 5$-10$.

✔ A Vacuum Cleaner/Blower. Don’t have any vacuum cleaner? Then you have to buy one, and it will cut 20$-40$ from your pocket.

✔ A Soft Cotton Cloth. You can use an old t-shirt for this purpose.

✔ Surface Cleaner/Dishwasher Powder. Surface cleaner or dishwasher powder price range is between 2$-10$.

✔ A Pipe Cleaner. The price of pipe cleaner is between 2$-10$.

How to Clean a Honeywell Tower Fan?

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Unplug the Fan.

First, you have to unplug the fan cord if the cord is connected to an electrical socket.

Step 2: Use a Vacuum or Blower.

Use a vacuum cleaner or blower to remove the dust off outside housing and grille of the fan.

Step 3: Use a Pipe Cleaner.

You have to use a pipe cleaner while cleaning the dust between the grilles of the fan if the dust is very high in gaps between the grille.

Step 4: Disassemble the fan grille.

First of all, check how your front fan grill is held back by rear fan grill. Some model of Honeywell fan (mainly in case of old model Honeywell fan), the front grill is held back the rear grill by plastic clips. Some Honeywell tower fan model attaches the front grill with Phillips head screws. Identify your fan types after that lay down the fan on floor or table and take the necessary step to remove the grille. If the fan is attached with screws, then you have to disassemble the grille using Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5: Remove the Blades of Fan.

After removing the grille of a fan, unscrew the clips or screws that hold the blades of the fan. Thus you can disassemble the blades of the fan.

Step 6: Clean the Parts of Fan.

It is safe to use good quality dishwasher cleaner to clean the component of the fan. You can also make a solution using soap and water. Next, you have to take a cotton cloth and pour the solution into the clothes. After that wipe the blades, grill and rear grill of the fan.

Step 7: Reassemble the Fan.

Wait till the components of fan dry. After that carefully reassemble the parts of the fan.

How to Clean a Honeywell Pedestal or Table Fan?

Cleaning a pedestal or table fan is almost the same. Because they look almost identical but the height is not the same. Obviously, table fan is the smaller unit. 

You can follow two methods while cleaning a Honeywell pedestal or table fan:

  • Cleaning without disassembling the fan
  • Clean the whole fan after disassembling it.

Cleaning the Fan without disassembling

The plasma cutter blog Suggest cleaning the fan twice a week following the method. It will take only 5-10 minutes. The instructions are superb easy that even minors can clean the fan following this method.


➜ First, take your pedestal or table fan to an open area or location where cleaning it will make easier for you.

➜ Collect your cleaning stuff together. In this method, we will show you how to use compressed air cans to clean the fan without disassembling it.

➜ Take a can of compressed air and point the nozzle of the can toward the blades and grilles where the specks of dust are accumulated. This will clean the dust inside the fan grilles and blades without disassembling it.

➜ Use a brush (vacuum cleaner brush or user toothbrush) to clean the front or back grilles before using compressed air. It will make your cleaning more efficient.

➜ Use a wet clean cloth or towel to clean the stand and the outer body of the fan. You can use only water or dishwasher solution soaking the cloth.

Cleaning the pedestal or table fan after disassembling

Monthly cleaning your pedestal or table fan following this method during high use helps to flow fresh air.

” Dissemble a Pedestal or table fan Following the steps “

Here are The Instructions:

➜ First, unscrew the front grille of the fan that attached to the back grille. Use the appropriate screwdriver (usually Phillips screwdriver) for unscrewing purpose. Some Honeywell fan doesn’t have any screw rather than it contains clips. On that case, snapped the clips for releasing it.

➜ Gently unscrew the blade cap and take it off carefully.

➜ Slowly slide the blade off and keep it in a safe place.

➜ Unscrew the back fan grille nut and slide off the back grille


” Cleaning the Fan Parts Deeply “

Here are The Instructions:

➜ Clean the loose dust by using a dry cloth or towel.

➜ Make a solution of dishwasher cleaner or liquid hand soap.

➜ Dip the parts in the solution and use a brush to clean it more deeply.

➜ Wipe the parts with a dry cloth and wait around 10 minutes to dry each fan parts.

➜ Reverse the above disassemble process to reassemble the fan again.

Tips & Precaution

  • Don’t submerge the motor of the fan while cleaning the blades after disassembling the fans parts. If the motor becomes wet reluctantly, it is safe to wait 2-3  hours till the motor dry. Else, it will burn or damage the electric motor when electricity supplied to the fan.
  • Always use a mask when you are cleaning the fan. It will keep your breath safe from dust.
  • Use hand gulps when cleaning the dust.
  • Don’t force too much while unscrewing the clips or screws.
  • Keep the screws of the fan safely. We recommend you to use separate small containers to keep it safe.

Wrap it up

To clean a fan in your home, will only take 1-1.30 hours if you are doing it the first time. Among the various types of Honeywell fan, the tower fans of Honeywell require less maintenance. If you have a traditional or normal Honeywell fan in your home, we suggest you replace it will more efficient and a classic tower fan. 



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