Understanding How Misting Ceiling Fans Can Work For Patio

Picture this: You just installed a new patio, but the summer heat and hot air won’t let you enjoy it. Rather than spending the whole season inside, staring out the window, consider investing in ceiling misting fans.

If you are wondering how a misting system works and the benefits of investing in a good misting fan for your patio, you have come to the right place.

What Is a Misting Fan?

There’s no rocket science involved when it comes to how most misting fans work. The misting kits rely on direct air flow to spray a fine mist in the surrounding area. The misting effect helps you stay cool by lowering the temperature.

The best misting fan for your patio will lower air temperature by producing a cooling mist and make for an excellent alternative to conventional air conditioning which barely works outside anyway.

How Misting Ceiling Fans for Patio Keeps You Cool

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor misting fan, they all work by reducing heat using three methods.


Just as evaporation produces a cooling effect on your body, the fine mist evaporates off your skin and lowers the temperature. Invest in a misting fan that comes with a high-pressure pump so that the water droplets are spread far and wide.


Conduction is the transfer of temperature between two bodies in contact. The water droplets on your skin rapidly absorb any heat as they evaporate. The best outdoor misting fans come with at least four misting nozzles.


Moving air lowers your body temperature by carrying heat away. If you have an expansive outdoor space, buy a misting fan that comes with at least three-speed settings.

How an Outdoor Misting Fan Works

Now that you know a misting fan works by forcing water through a nozzle, it’s time to look at how you use one!

Water Supply

Typically a misting fan will come equipped with a tank. You just need to provide a hose connection to fill the tank or fill the tank when necessary. For better results, ensure the water is clean. Use a filter if needed and clean the tank regularly.

You can also hook some misting fans up to a water source via a hose.

Fan Speed

The misting fan can be adjusted to a lower speed for quiet performance, or you can turn it up for more airflow. This is especially helpful if you’re using the misting fan outdoors in areas with a lot of traffic and other activity noise.

The Problem with Ceiling Misting Fans

The main problem with all ceiling fans and especially misting ceiling fans for patios is their extreme lack of options. There just plain aren’t that many options or places to buy them.

On a side note there are industrial options which seem to be interesting.

There a few companies making but so far the main selling companies like Amazon, Walmart, and even Wayfair haven’t started selling these really.

As of the writing of this article you can find 1 or 2 versions at best on these main hubs and none of them have any feedback or reviews which for me is a red flag.

So you have 4 options to getting a ceiling misting fan for your patio.

  • Buy one of the few from one of the trusted online marketplaces
  • Buy one from one of the up and coming companies designing neat new versions.
  • Pick up one of the industrial versions that are tried and true but not meant for patios in general
  • Build one with a DIY Misting kit. You can make almost any fan a misting fan, including an outdoor ceiling fan.

Whatever option you choose lets move on to the benefits of other more common types and what to look for in general with ALL misting fans so that you can make the right choice.

Benefits of Outdoor Misting Fans & Portable Misting Fans

Outdoor misting fans have tons of options and have a lot of variety outside of the ceiling models. The portable models allow you the freedom of moving around. Here are just a few reasons why a misting fan can work for a patio and help you decide if you want a ceiling misting fan or one you can move around.

Power Source

Misting systems require significantly lower energy than a conventional air conditioning system. You can hook it up to any electrical outlet, and on the off chance you don’t have access to one, you can use a battery to power it.


Unless you are going for wall-mounted misting fans, you do not need to opt for professional installation. The primary benefit of owning a portable misting fan is that you can carry and place it wherever you want.

Water Pressure

Whether it’s a wall-mounted misting fan or a portable one, all you need is a standard garden hose connection to fill it up.

For the best misting coverage, ensure the water pressure is always maintained. If necessary, clean out the misting nozzles.

Low Maintenance

Portable misting fans are lightweight, and you can transport them anywhere.

Almost all misting fans are UV resistant, so you do not need to worry about them being damaged.

You can easily transport them to a location or install them anywhere as they don’t require a lot of heavy machinery or tools. They can be stored effortlessly when not in use, which is excellent because you won’t have to worry about finding a place where they can be stored properly.

Choosing a Misting Fan for Your Patio

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of misting systems available on the market. Most fans will offer you a variety of features, and it can be challenging to choose one that suits your needs the best.

Here are a few things you should look out for so that you can get your hands on the best models available in the market.

Type of Misting Fan

There are quite a few types of misting fans. The most common for patio use tend to be the portable varieties.

  • Misting pedestal fans – This is probably the most common and comes with all kinds of options.
  • Wall-mounted misting fans – Another patio favorite for those that know where they want to mist to always be. Some come with ocsilation but you definitely have to pay for that feature.
  • Box misting fans – These are generally your starter mist fans. Alot of people convert their own with mist kits for an even cheaper way to go.
  • Utility mist fans – These are your mechanics dream fans. Portable, generally compact and powerful, and the prices don’t usually get too crazy.
  • Handheld mist fans – These are those cool little gadgets that are always nice to have at a zoo or a theme park. Some varieties are great for strollers as well.
  • Ceiling misting fans – These are probably the newest kid on the block and the fact that they are so hard to find can attest to that. There are still very few on the market.

Check the Water Source

For a misting fan to produce mist, it will need a water supply. There are two primary types of outdoor fans in terms of water supply.

Tank: The tank holds the water, and its size is measured in cubic feet.

Tankless: Some misting fans use a garden hose connection to produce a fine mist. While these fans are lightweight, the mist depends on water pressure and can vary greatly.

Get the right Power Supply

This option is pretty straight forward. There are really only three options until someone comes out with solar options.

Power Cord: This is going to be your most common and even many “portable” options have cords.

Battery Power: My personal least favorite since you have to replace batteries.

Rechargable: Yes, these are technically battery powered. BUT! You don’t replace the batteries, you just recharge them. The battery life can suffer over long periods of time however.

Type of Misting Function

When choosing a misting kit, invest in one that provides the best coverage. Typically, there are two types of misting systems. 

Nozzle Misting kit: The nozzles are present on the fan head. 

Centrifugal misting system: The nozzles are on the plates in the center of the fan.

Misting Fan Installation

You can hire a contractor to install a misting fan for you. This option is best for people who do not have the time or patience to learn about plumbing and electrical work but still want to get their patio ready for summer.

When installing a misting ceiling fan on your own, it is essential that you know what kind of electrical system your home has and whether or not it will be safe for this type of fixture.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how a misting ceiling fan can work for a patio go ahead and invest in a high-pressure misting kit. They are excellent at reducing temperatures in large outdoor spaces and cost significantly less compared to a conventional air conditioning unit that attempts the impossible buy cooling off the outside.

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