Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan Review

Are you looking for a super quiet and elegant fan? Are you also keen on reducing the level of noise in your room that is generated by the fan? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can only tell you that your search has come to an end. We are glad to introduce to you the Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan. This is the largest fan offered by Dyson. It is the latest, first-of-its-kind, and elegant fan. It is designed to reduce noise levels and other inconveniences that are characteristic of most ordinary fans. In the subsequent Dyson AM08 Review, we are going to dig deeper into its key features, their benefits, and some negative aspects of the said appliance.

KEY Features of Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan

1. Air Multiplier Technology

This special and unique technology helps the fan to accelerate air through the annular aperture of the fan. This air multiplier technology also helps the fan to draw the air from the surrounding, cool them, and project air all around the space. This technology also minimizes the resultant noise greatly.

2. Programmable Sleep Timer

The fan’s sleep timer is functionality that shuts off the power of the fan automatically after running a certain time. Another good news is this sleep timer is programmable which means that it grants the users to determine the amount of time they would wish to have the fan to run. This differs from most gadgets of this kind. They have a list of fixed durations from which users may choose. Because of this, this gadget is very convenient. It also enables the users to customize it to meet their unique requirements and preferences. You, therefore, stand to derive the benefit of unhindered convenience by opting for it.

3. Tilt Function

It also has a built-in tilt function. This is set in place to further enhance your overall experience and grant you the benefit of added convenience. The function simply allows you to set it in a particular direction of your choice. This is due to the fact that it can be rotated in such a way as to channel air in a specified direction. Apart from directional rotation/tilt, you can also tilt it upwards or downwards. This way, it can channel air up or down again depending on your unique requirements. By reason of this functionality, you also stand to reap extra comfort of use.

4. Stylish Remote Control

Unlike most other fans, this one comes along with a stylish remote control. This gadget basically allows you to instruct, prompt, and control the various aspects of the fan. The remote is tiny, good looking, and easy to hold. You can easily operate the fan without reading user manual of the remote controller since the bottoms are very comfortable to press and the simple is very simple to understand

5. Quieter

We have already been hinted out that this fan is quieter (35% more) than most conventional fans. The combination of bladeless technology and air multiplier technology surely makes it possible. The bladeless technology minimizes the resultant noise greatly since there are no obstacles that cause turbulence.  So, you may simultaneously utilize the fan and listen to your popular music at a time. It also means that you can entertain your guests without any worries of possible disturbances. This indeed is the fan of choice for those who loathe unnecessary disturbances.

6. Energy Efficient

The Dyson AM08 pedestal fan is pretty effective at conserving energy. This is made possible by a combination of several factors. For one, it greatly reduces the turbulence during the intake of air. Secondly, it lacks blades, which are heavier and require more energy to rotate. Finally, its energy rating is also lower. In light of these facts, you stand to derive the benefits of greatly reduced utility bills. You will not have to dig deeper into your pockets to sustain it at all. Further to that, you also stand to derive the benefits of enhanced peace of mind at all times.

7. Oscillation Control

This feature basically allows the fan, to direct the flow of air around an entire room. This happens at the convenience of the push of a button. This is in sharp contrast to most fans we have around. They can only channel the flow of air in one direction at a time. The existence of this feature brings along several attendant benefits. It ensures that whole rooms are impacted at any given time. It also spares you the user from unnecessary hassles that are associated with the controls and operations of this fan. You simply have to sit back, relax, and let your fan do the job for you.

8. Warranty

Closing the list of its elegant features is the generous manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies it. This warranty basically shields you from unnecessary liabilities. These include losses, damages, or errors that may generally arise from the usage of the item. The duration of the warranty is comparatively longer than that of most competing products. Unlike most other fans, this warranty is very broad and comprehensive besides possessing a longer duration.

Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan Video Review

Rating and Analysis Provided By Top Cooling Fan Experts


★★★★☆(5 out of 5)

On the whole, this bladeless fan is slim in shape and construction, is compact in size, is self-supporting, and can fit almost anywhere in the house or room. The fan thus spares you from the inconveniences of having to worry about how and where to fix it in the house. This is a far cry from ordinary fans. By opting to settle for this fan, you will require comparatively less storage and mounting space. You can, as a matter of fact, squeeze it in any available storage space. You also stand to derive the benefit of unnecessary hindrances after you have mounted it. What’s more? The fan blends well with other household furniture.


★★★★☆(4 out of 5)

A high-quality product of this nature is ordinarily expensive. This pedestal fan is by no means an exception to this universal rule. As such, it will cost you some substantial amount of money. That notwithstanding, the fan is still a very worthy purchase. This is because it consumes less electrical energy, is very effective, and quieter than most ordinary fans. It is also strong, tough and durable. This being the case, you will spend less to repair and maintain it in the long run. For these reasons, the fan is much cheaper to maintain in the long run than most fans that cost less.


★★★★☆(4 out of 5)

It is also designed to generate the flower of air at a pace that is faster than that of most fans. (Its cubic feet per minute rating are well in excess of 1271.3). This faster speed of ejecting air brings along several benefits. For one, you will enjoy a lower reaction time. This means that the fan will take less time on average to operate at full capacity. You will also derive the benefit of faster response time. This is the time it takes the fan to yield meaningful outcomes. Lastly, the fan does a relatively thorough job/outcome. You hence stand to obtain greater satisfaction and stay away from unnecessary hassles by choosing this fan!


★★★★☆(4.5 out of 5)

Several factors contribute to the durability of this fan. It is made by use of tough materials that are resilient to the common causes of wear and tear. It does have fewer parts and components. It lacks the blades for instance. Other than these, it is slim and compact in size, less bulky, and easier to clean and maintain. This means that on the whole, the fan is easier to maintain the desired shape and form at all times. This also means that on average, the fan lasts longer. You will therefore not have to spend too much to keep it in the best shape and form.


★★★★☆(4 out of 5)

Its maximum noise level is rated at only 67 dB. This is way below the 85 dB threshold that is considered harmful. By reason of this, you have the freedom to stay exposed to the fan for as long as you may possibly wish. This is due to the fact that such a long exposure will not have any unintended side effects at all! This low rating is beneficial in one main way. It guarantees you of uninterrupted services from the fan. You simply do not have to stay away from the fan every quite often. This comes in handy in the extremely hot and unpleasant summer months.


★★★★☆(5 out of 5)

The fan is packed with elegant control features. For one, it may be remotely controlled. You only have to stay seated on your couch and send the necessary command promptly. Secondly, it may be titled to determine the direction of the airflow. Further to these, it can also be oscillated to channel the flow of air upward and downward. Finally, both its speed and power can be adjusted to alter the intensity of the airflow. Simply put, the fan grants you the freedom to set it to respond to your unique circumstance and tastes. Because of these, your comfort, as well as the overall quality of experience, is well taken care of.

Power Consumption

★★★★☆(5 out of 5)

Coming in at the last place of its key elegant features is its superior energy-saving traits. The fan is designed to be 35% quieter and consume 15% less power than the ordinary ones. Its power rating stands at a paltry 110V. Moreover, it is also designed to greatly reduce turbulence. All these jointly confer to you the benefits of reduced utility bills. You will not have to dig deeper into your pocket to settle utility bills as is the case with most fans of its kind. All these notwithstanding the numerous operational benefits that the fan guarantees its users like you!


  • Slim and Compact Design: This fan has a very slim and compact construction. By reason of this, it is pretty simple to handle and move around as the need may dictate.
  • Excellent Controls: Perhaps its most outstanding trait is excellent controls. It may be controlled by the use of remote and a host of other easy-to-use buttons. These greatly simplify its operations.
  • Excellent Airflow: By reason of being capable of channeling air in just about every other direction, this fan is indeed very reliable. It reaches out to and impacts just about every other corner of the room perfectly.
  • Quieter: As has already been stated, the fan is very quiet. It is hence less likely to cause uncalled for disturbances to the room occupants where it is installed.
  • Class and Elegance: Its reputable brand, aesthetic appearance, and shiny surface all combine to exude a sense of class and elegance. Your ownership of this fan thus induces a sense of prestige.


  • Exorbitant Costs: This fan costs an exorbitantly high price. It is hence out of the reach of many a deserving prospective user. It also inflicts some unusual discomforts to those who opt to eventually purchase it.
  • Sophisticated Nature: It is way too sophisticated to the ordinary person. Only those with a fair mastery of the technical skills may comprehend and control it effectively.
  • Limited Energy Sources: The fan derives its power exclusively from mains electricity. It cannot be battery or solar-powered. Those who live off-grid or in extremely remote areas are hence severely disadvantaged.

Where to Use and Place this Pedestal Fan

By its nature and design, this fan is exclusively intended for indoor use. This is because it derives its power from mains electricity and requires a physical connection to the socket. For these reasons, it can find wide and relevant applicability in the following places:

Office: Most offices are sensitive to noise. As such, they require a super quiet fan. This fan indeed fits that particular bill well.

Home: The bedroom and the living room are two areas that are very sensitive to noise yet require cooler atmospheres. This fan is well able to be used in these two rooms due to the reasons already stated.

Lounge/Reception Areas: In most buildings, the lounges, and the reception areas exist to welcome the visitors. This fan, being quiet and cooler, is well able to offer the support necessary.

Final Verdict

It is our hope that you have found the Dyson AM08 pedestal fan review above very insightful. We, however, caution that some aspects of the information we have provided above may not hold for long. This is because they are subject to change without notice. In order not to be left out and to also leverage the benefits of this fan, why don’t you consider purchasing it? We urge you not to drag your feet in so doing. This is because the price may surge whereas its quality may diminish in the long run. We really look forward to receiving your order as soon as possible!

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