Dyson AM04 Review (Hot+Cool)

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  • Excellent Design
  • Low Noise Output
  • Good cooling and heating
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to clean and install


  • Pricey
  • Limited warranty
  • Limited color choice

Dyson is a company famed for designing and manufacturing high-quality household appliances. The company produces vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans among other products. Released in March 2012, Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool Fan Heater is a member of the extended family of Dyson AM+ fans. This family of fans boasts the bladeless cooling capability and other great features such as the Air Multiplier Technology. This fan, in particular, is a product worth peeking at closely. The benefits that come with this fan include precise-select temperature targeting capability, long-range heat projection and high-velocity airflow for effective cooling. This Dyson AM04 Review seeks to explain its mode of working, the technology, and other features that a buyer may consider to be worthwhile

KEY Features of Honeywell HY-048BP

1. Air Multiplier Technology

The Air Multiplier Technology generates utmost 55 mph airflow without the use of blades. Dyson AM04 isn’t really bladeless but rather have its blades hidden inside its Pedestal section. In this technology, air suction takes place in two ways: First, the fans located in the Pedestal stand draws 5 gallons of air every second into the cylinder. Second, a small brushless electric motor rotates an additional group of blades which are arranged asymmetrically to push a stream of fast-flowing air into the fan’s Amplifier (the elliptical section). The collected air is then pushed through the curved path in the ring. The air emerges from the 16mm slits clustered around the fan’s Pedestal. As the blades keep blowing, a low-pressure area is created around them. The low pressure sucks air into the fan and pushes the heavy cold air through the vents. From the vents, the cool air finds its way to your sweating body on the couch.

What are the benefits of this technology?

Air Multiplier Technology involves the use of a brushless motor which cuts the noise level significantly. The arrangement of the motor and the asymmetric fan gives the user the capability to precisely control the fan’s speed. This technology also enables generation 5 gallons of air using a limited amount of electricity. This boosts the efficiency signature of the fan.

2. Bladeless Design

What makes this design to be adored by users is the fact that the fan is able to produce a constant airflow in a better off than traditional fans. The capability to blow air into the fan without external blades further makes it a choice of many users because the blade induced whirring noise is eliminated.

Benefits of Bladeless technology

This technology enables dissipation of cool air in a steady stream in all directions, a feat that can’t be achieved by traditional fans. Since there are no rotating parts in sight, the technology guarantees a calm and noiseless environment.

3. Heater and Cooling Fan

The United States tends to experience hot weather between June and early August. This is the time of summer in most American cities. It will be a great idea to use your Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool Fan Heater to cool your home around this time.it is winter in the months of December and early January in most parts of the United States. This is the best time to switch on your fan to heat your home.

4. Precise Temperature Setting

You instigate heating by pressing the red button. When heating is switched on, air is forced through the annular aperture. It is then blown over the 8-degree aerofoil ramp. The ramp pushes the air over hot ceramic plates which heat it. The air is then released into the room. You set the fan to cooling mode by pressing the blue button. The ceramic plates will be switched off by the intelligent thermostat. Cold air is then forced out of the vents through inducement to cool the room.

Benefits Of Pre-Temperature Setting

The fan will switch off more precisely according to the settings of the thermostat. This feat is achieved better in Dyson AM04. The precise temperature setting increases efficiency and durability. Thanks to the intelligent thermostat, the fan is not overworked by the imprecise temperature settings.

5. Whole Room Heating Capacity

The air multiplier technology creates a “wind breeze” using the hidden blades located in the pedestal section. This breeze amounts to 5.28 gallons of fresh generated per second. The electric motor rotates the 9 asymmetrically arranged blades. The air is passed over the hot ceramic plates which are controlled by a thermostat. This hot air is expelled into the whole room through vents to warm it. Since cold air is denser than hot air, a stream of cold air is sucked into the fan again. The process repeats itself until the room gains sufficient level of warmth.

6. Elegant Remote Control

The remote control plays the classic role of making settings on the fan without approaching it. It is sleek enough to comfortably hold in your hands and switch on/off the fan, vary the airflow, turn on/off the oscillation, activate the auto mode, set the sleep timer and adjust the fan to night mode – all done from the comfort of your couch. You are advised to store the remote in its package when you’re not using it. Also, replace its dead batteries to prevent them from leaking inside. Always store it among other remote controls to prevent misplacement.

6. No burning smell

Dyson AM04 doesn’t produce the familiar pungent burning smell, thanks for the ceramic heating element and the brushless motor. The ceramic doesn’t smell when hot. A brushless motor means no friction between the brushes and the motor’s rotating parts attached to its axis. The absence of this friction means no heat. The absence of heat helps the fan eliminate production of burning smell.

Rating and Analysis Provided By Top Cooling Fan Experts


★★★★☆(4.5 out of 5)

Dyson AM04 has a beautiful design. The topmost section (the Amplifier) of the fan takes the shape of an elliptical ring. A cylinder (the Pedestal) with vents makes the base. The control buttons are located at the removable base of the pedestal. It ships in three colors: Silver, blue and white. The outer casing has a plastic construction and matt finish. The remote has a plastic and matt construction as well but a little sleeker to hold it with comfort. It has four buttons; an on/off control, oscillations control, thermostat control and variable airflow control.


★★★★☆(4.5 out of 5)

This fan is overpriced. Lots of potential buyers can look at its price tag and stay away. However, the benefits that come with it far outweigh its price tag. Consider features such as Long-range heat projection, Air Multiplier Technology and a bunch of safety features. These are the reasons why you should buy it regardless of the price. E-bay and Amazon have a list of most affordable Dyson AM04 fans than anywhere else on the internet.


★★★★☆(4.25 out of 5)

Dyson is designed in such a way that the bulk of the air sucked into the fan gets there by natural means i.e. by the formation of low pressure inside the device. This makes it possible to warm and cool your home with the minimal use of electricity. But how better is the cooling and warming effect. This fan doesn’t regulate the room temperature by use of sensors. Instead, you set a particular temperature of your choice which it will strive to achieve.

If you set the temperature, say 73 degrees, it can take 30 minutes to heat a midsize room to that temperature. Since the fan uses venture effect to suck the air, it will take longer to heat or cool a bigger room because there is more air to be heated/cooled and the air that is already cooled/heated need to be dissipated farther away from the fan. So you can opt to just sit close to the fan, about 8 to 10 feet away if you want to get maximum cooling or heating.

Precise heating capability stands at 326 feet/min on maximum heat and 480 feet/min when set to the fan mode. Or you can opt to setting it at 99 degrees (its optimum temperature) when you’re in a large room and let it heat it for several hours. All these depend on the state of the climate I.e. it takes longer to heat a room in winter and longer to cool it in summer. lt has a 282.5 CFU rating and a maximum of 5118 BTUs. The accompanying remote has high response degree. You won’t struggle using it unless its battery gets depleted.


★★★★☆(4 out of 5)

The hardened plastic construction makes the Dyson AM04 fan had to break if it is dropped on the ground. The matt finish renders its surface scratch resistant. These two qualities play a big role in ensuring a longer lifespan. There is a likelihood that your friends will be back at the store to replace their fans when yours will be still running strong and flawless. In a nutshell, Dyson is more resistant to wear.


★★★★☆(4 out of 5)

Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool Fan Heater fan still registers a significant noise signature. What causes the noise when the brushless motor and blades are silent? Well, the whooshing noise is produced by the air exiting the vents on the Pedestal when the fan is set at the highest level. The airspeed is between levels 1 to 10 which is loud enough to disrupt attention. In the long run, you can get used to the noise. However, there is a need for Dyson to correct this problem in its upcoming fans.


  • The fan is small enough to fit on office cabinets and home tables. Space is becoming limited at the workplace.
  • Impressive heating and cooling capability in both winter and summer
  • The air multiplier technology makes the fan near intelligent and limits hands-on interventions
  • The fan is calm with less noise output
  • No need to worry about burn accidents


  • The fan is overpriced and out of reach of most consumers
  • The noise generated is relatively high almost to the level of creating disruptions
  • The breeze generated at low settings is too mild to be felt
  • The choice of colors is limited, it is shipped in blue, silver and white only
  • Dyson doesn’t accept warranty claims from 2nd buyers

Where to Use and Place this Tower Fan

This fan can be used in a range of areas.


Offices are places where a high degree of silence needs to be maintained. The low noise signature of Dyson AM04 makes it a suitable type of fan for use in offices. Besides, lack of production of the burning smell creates a fresh environment great for working.

At home

People spent more time at home during winter than they do in the office. Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool Fan Heater can be used at home during winter to generate the essential heating. If you are on holiday in summer, you can cool your home using this fan as well.

ln hospitals

This fan can be handy for mobile hospitals that require heating and cooling while on the move. Thanks to this fan’s easy portability and durability, you can easily carry them around without worrying about breakage.

What Customer Say about Dyson AM04

A big number of the reviewers on Walmart, Amazon and e-Bay rate Dyson AM04 favorably. Over 50% of the reviewers gave the Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool Fan Heater five star ratings on Amazon and e-Bay. Many of the praise the fan’s Air Multiplier Technology and its durability. A great number of the reviewers who awarded it 4 stars and above have had something nice to talk about the two-year warranty. The Air Multiplier Technology and the impressive design have attracted favorable reviews as well.

What people love about Dyson AM04

  • Neat design
  • General quality

What people complain about Dyson AM04

  • Price tag
  • Durability
  • Wear of Oscillator

Final Verdict

ln conclusion, Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool is a fan worth recommending to a friend. If you want a fan with the cutting edge technology and satisfactory performance, then you need to consider buying DysonAM04.The incredible Air Multiplier Technology is enough to convince a person to buy this fan. Other impressive quality such as the attractive design, portability, and durability puts it above most other fans in the market. As the reviews indicate, it is a product that has been used by many people who have ended up falling in love with it. Except for some few complaints in terms of pricing and color range, it is an excellent product.

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