Check Out The 7 Best Window Box Fans

It is nearly summertime, and you need something to keep you cool on those hot days. Unfortunately, while a cooling fan does blow pleasant air at you, it does not actually bring the temperature down. 

But with a window box fan, you can successfully do that. However, it only works if the temperature outside is lower than inside. So they can be most effective early in the morning or late at night. 

Window fans pump the hot air out while replacing it with cold air from outside. That is why if it is colder outside, the temperature of your room will also decrease. 

It also doubles as an exhaust or a chimney. You can either flip it around and use it to blow hot air out, or use a set of twin fans to bring in cold air simultaneously.

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Why Choose Cooling Fans?

Why Choose Cooling Fans

An air conditioner can cool the whole room in a few minutes. So then why opt for a window box fan? The following reasons why:

  • Air conditioners are expensive and run on a lot of energy. And in addition to you paying a big fat electricity bill, it is also harmful to the environment.
  • You cannot change the position of the AC often. But, window fans are portable and take up much less space in the room than ACs.
  • It is healthier to sit in the natural air blown by the fans rather than in the cold air mechanically generated by the fan. 
  • Fans are the first choice for environmentally-conscious people because they are energy-efficient and cost-effective. 

Factors to Consider:

Before we start enlisting the best box fans for windows, there are many features that you might want in the set of your choice. So here’s a buyer’s guide that will help you through the process!

  1. Adjustable Speed

Speed is equivalent to the power of the fan. If you use the fan at its highest speed level, the motor is at its most potent. It will yield higher CFM, and you will feel the air hit you even from 15-20 feet away.

Multiple speed levels also give you control over the temperature in the room. 

  1. Reversible Airflow

All fans are reversible, i.e., able to push hot air out and pull fresh air in, but you have to flip them manually. However, many fans are electronically reversible, and all it takes is the push of a button. 

So, instead of reinstalling the fan, you can reverse the airflow electrically, hassle-free.

  1. Number of Fans

There is always the classic fan, which is only one fan that can be electronically or manually reversible. Then there are sets with two fans, and each one has one function.

One of them does the job of exhaust, and the other one intakes fresh air. So there is a simultaneous function that cools the room faster. 

  1. Noise Level

It is usual for devices to make noises or even vibrate at their highest speeds. But it is okay as long as it does not get too loud. If the noise is too much, then it can be a nuisance. 

So it is recommended to get a fan with minimal sound. That way, you can keep it on through the night without disturbing your sleep.

  1. Smart Controls

Don’t you hate it when you have to get up from the comfort of your bed just to change a setting on the fan? Thank the geniuses for the invention of the remote control. It makes things very convenient. 

You can access all the features of the fan without having to get up repeatedly with a remote. 

  1. Easy To Clean

When something is in use for a long time, it is bound to accumulate dirt and grime. For example, when fans intake air from outside, it also brings dirt. Cleaning them can be especially tricky because reaching the blades is difficult.

But many fans come with a removable grill, which makes it easy to wipe the blades clean. 

  1. Expandable Screen

The fan of your choice does not need to fit the frame of your window. That is why window box fans have expandable screens on all sides to cover the whole window and not leave any space.

But even with expandable screens, make sure to check the maximum dimensions of the fan. 

7 Best Window Box Fans! Our Top Picks

We did a deep dive into the many features and products out there. And after much research, these are our top suggestions for box window fans.

We will discuss them in detail and list all the pros and cons. Let us begin:

  1. Beyond Breeze 9-Inch Twin Window Fan
Beyond Breeze 9-Inch Twin Window Fan

This compact and lightweight box fan is perfect for office, bedroom, or home use. It has two stands on both sides to stay upright and can be used as a floor fan. And it checks all the safety measures of the industry.

What We Like:

  • It is easy to install and has expandable screens on either side with easy clicks to lock the size.
  • It is sturdy, with durable blades and a motor. 
  • It is a mighty fan with two-speed settings that quickly cools a room. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • The fans are not electrically reversible. So you have to take the unit out and reinstall it for intake and outflow. 
  • People have complained that it gets a little noisy with continuous use. 
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  1. JPOWER 9-Inch Twin Window Box Fan
JPOWER 9-Inch Twin Window Box Fan

This unit has two fans with a 3-level speed setting. It has adjustable screens on each side of the fan. The fan’s width increases from 22.8 inches to 36 inches with expansion. 

What We Like:

  • It has three ventilation settings. It allows you to set both fans on intake or exhaust or exchange air. 
  • It has a built-in thermostat that protects it from overheating or over-cooling. 
  • It has a waterproof motor, making it safe to use the fan in the rainy season.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not sturdy, and the sliders do not lock easily.
  • It only has a CFM of 300, which is relatively low and slows the cooling process. 
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  1. Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin Window Fan
Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin Window Fan

This twin fan has adjustable accordion extenders to fit almost all windows. They extend from 23.5 to 37 inches. The blades are 9-inches long and are reversible.

What We Like:

  • It is hushed, even at the highest speed. There is only a subtle humming sound, which you can think of as white noise that may even help you sleep.
  • It has three functions, i.e., cooling, exhaust, and circulation, which all work very well.
  • It has a powerful motor, which circulates air quickly in a large room. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has a poor structural design and is made from cheap materials.
  • The cord is on the smaller side. You will have to use an extension if you don’t have an outlet right beside the window. 
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  1. Sailflo 8-Inch Exhaust Shutter Fan
Sailflo 8-Inch Exhaust Shutter Fan

This is a window fan, but it is famous for its function as an exhaust fan. It offers 2-way ventilation. And you can change the settings by pulling the rope. The unit is made from plastic but does not feel flimsy.

What We Like:

  • The backside has a shutter that acts as a screen to filter out bugs, mosquitos, and dirt.
  • It protects from overheating with the help of an in-built temperature fuse.
  • It is durable, with a high-quality stainless steel motor shaft. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is suitable for ventilation, but the installation process is a hassle.
  • It is a high-powered fan, so naturally, it makes noise while working.
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  1. Vornado Transform Window Fan
Vornado Transform Window Fan

This is also a window fan with a sleek and modern twist. It does not cover the whole window but works just as well. It has a remote control with 4-speed levels. The window expanders go from 26 inches to 40 inches. 

What We Like:

  • It shoots powerful gusts of fresh air, circulating the air in the whole room. 
  • You can either let the fresh air in, push the stale air out, or close the air exchange altogether.
  • It offers auto temperature control and has a weather-resistant case. 
  • It is well-built and works quietly.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have a removable grill, making it harder to clean than other fans.
  • The screen in the back does not close entirely, so it can get sweltering in the summer and cold in the winter. 
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  1. Comfort Zone CZ200A 20-Inch Box Fan
Comfort Zone CZ200A 20-Inch Box Fan

This is a good standard box fan option fan suitable for quick fixes while offering good airflow. It is ideal for home, office, kitchen, and dorm use. It has three-speed levels. And there is a top handle, which makes it easy to carry it from one room to another.

What We Like:

  • It has a powerful motor and a high CFM.
  • It is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have window screen extenders.
  • The blades are thin and flimsy and are prone to breaking easily.
  • There are many reviews about this product being noisy at the lowest speed level. 
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  1. Shinic Twin Window Fan With Remote

This is a reverse ventilation fan with 3-speed functions. In addition, it has an expandable screen that increases the panel from 21.5 inches to 37 inches. This is a household window fan fit for the bathroom, kitchen, or home office. 

What We Like:

  • It has passed the ETL certification, which meets all the safety and quality standards.
  • It has a remote control for convenience, which controls the speed and modes. 
  • It makes minimal noise and can be used in the rainy season too. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • The extensions may keep collapsing and not stay still. 
  • The airflow is less dynamic than in other units. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Putting A Box Fan In The Window Help?

Yes, it can make a huge difference in your house. You will be able to revel in the pleasantness of fresh air on a hot, suffocating day. In addition, the fan will help decrease the stuffiness in the room and cool it efficiently. 

  1. Which Way Should A Box Fan Face In A Window?

It is recommended to reverse the blades of the fan at equal intervals by alternating between intake and outflow. So during the day, when it is hot out, turn on the exhaust. And pull the cold night air in during the evening. 

But if you do not want to flip the blades manually, keep them on outflow in a shaded spot. This way, as you push the hot air out, the heat will dissipate. And the cool air from the shade will replace it. 

  1. Should I Use Window Fans When It’s Hot Outside?

No, it would help if you did not do that, as it would defeat the purpose of a window fan. The intake of air is supposed to be done when the temperature is lower outside than in your home. 

  1. Are Box Fans Worth It?

Yes, they are purposeful and do a great job of cooling the room in the summer. When installed properly, it will yield great results. Window box fans have many features, like a thermostat, multiple speeds, extenders, etc. 

It is perfect for a hot summer day and can be used as an exhaust on any day of the year. They are cheaper and energy-efficient too!


In this article, we have talked about the advantages of window box fans over air conditioners. We listed the desirable features and discussed the 7 best window box fans. 

The products range from affordable to expensive. So, there is something for everyone! Now, the only thing left to choose is the product that suits you best.

And be smart about choosing something. Don’t get tempted by the shiny and luxurious features. For example, if you are in the market for a fan to cool a small room, do not go on spending extra on a high-powered motor with more CFM. 

You can splurge if you have the budget, but if not, then be sensible and put your basic needs first. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Weigh your pros and cons and pick your favorite window box fan!

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