Choosing The Best Garage Fan For Private Garage

best garage fan

Garage fans operate on a high-velocity motor. They blow air more vigorously than any other average fan, and their power consumption is also quite low. To top it all, these fans are highly portable and are often used in farms, offices, basements, etc. A garage fan is a must-have in any garage, especially during summer. After asking some professional garage experts and countless hours of research online, our experts have brought the top 5 best garage fan for cooling in summer.

A quality garage fan can create a fresh environment in your heated parking and can be used to prevent stuffiness or to blow dry carpets and rugs inside a garage.

Quick Overview At The Best Picked Garage Fan

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Top 5 Best Garage Fan Of 2020

Here comes the top 5 garage fan of this year:

  1. Best Editor Choice: Stanley High-Velocity Blower Fan For Garage
  2. Best Fan For Garage GYM: Vornado 293 Air Circulator Garage Fan
  3. Best Selling Garage Fan: Lasko Pro Performance Fan
  4. Best Wall Mount Fan For Garage: MaxxAir HVWM Heavy Duty Oscillating Fan
  5. Best Garage Exhaust Fan: Fantech Shutter Fan for Garage

Our Editor’s Choice #1: Stanley High-Velocity Blower Fan For Garage

Stanley High-Velocity Blower Fan For Garage

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This best fan for garage barely weighing 8.7 pounds, ideal for personal use as it is the lightest among our top pick. It will arrive at your home fully assembled so no pain of assembling it. Complete body of this fan is made of standard plastic material that makes this very hard to break. This garage fan has three powerful speeds and it can blow air up to 475 CFM consuming only 500W power. It has a circuit breaker with a reset button and the unit also consists of a safety plug. With a budget friendly price tag of around $90 on Amazon, this fan for garage is labeled with AMAZON Choice for good reason. Go for this garage fan if you do multiple task in your garage and looking for an easy portable fan for your garage that adds outlets instead of tieing one up.

Top Key Features:

  1. The fan has three powerful speeds. It can move air efficiently and quietly in a beam like pattern. It is so powerful that you can feel the air from 10 feet away. With this high wind velocity, one can also use it for drying carpets, floors, walls, and furniture.
  2. This fan is portable. You can take it along with you wherever you want to as it is very lightweight.
  3. The fan is pre-assembled. So, you don’t have tp worry about assembling it after purchase.
  4. The fan has two outlets, and hence three of them can be plugged on into the other. The air can flow throughout the room with three fans and that too with half power.
  5. The fan blows air hard. It can be an alternative to ac, and way cheaper.
  6. The fan has a plastic body that is built extremely well. So, it is robust and strong.

The fan moves a significant amount of air, and it is not noisy at all. The energy efficiency of the fan is quite attractive and makes it a must buy for everyone who is dwelling in stuffy places that lack fresh air. That is why this is our choice at Top Cooling Fan for the Best Garage Fan.

Choice #2: Vornado 293 Air Circulator Garage Fan (Best Fan For Garage Gym)

Vornado 293 Air Circulator Garage Fan the Best Fan For Garage Gym

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This fan can move air up to 100 feet and has a multi-directional airflow vortex technology. It is durable and easy to clean. This is the costliest garage fan among the other garage fans listed in this roundup. On high seep setting mode, it’s CFM is 700 and consume 450W of power. The fan has a grab-and-go handle. The weight of the fan is 11.84 pounds and has a gray finish, price is above 100$ (more than double of our top pick garage fan). Blindly purchase this fan for your garage if you wanna have a fan that has an excellent brand value and also has long warranty.

Top Key Features

  1. Like other Vornado fan, this model is also blessed with parented Vortex technology which assist the fan to circulate the wind upto 100 feet.
  2. The ball-bearing motor of the fan never needs oiling, and it is also dust resistant. So, it takes less maintenance labor and it too robust.
  3. The fan comes with a 10-foot power cord that is grounded and has two wall brackets. The fan can be mounted on the walls to which saves a lot of space.
  4. It has 3-speed settings. The speed settings help the user to set the desired amount of air he wants.
  5. In the US the fan gets assembled, and it comes with a Limited Warranty of 5-years.

This Vornado heavy-duty fan is built for use in garage, workshop, or job site. This fan is highly durable due to its indestructible body and steel base.

Choice #3: Lasko Pro Performance High-Velocity Utility Garage Fan

Lasko Pro Performance High-Velocity Utility Garage Fan

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The Lasko Pro Performance Blower Fan has a high-velocity motor. It weighs 10.1 pounds. It can blow air up to 350 CFM. The fan looks very attractive as it has a pleasing yellow color and a beautiful black finish. It is entirely assembled and has three speeds.  It has black finishing and costs around $ 81. It consumes 2400 Watts of power in a 24 hours. It has a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Top Key Features:

  1. The Lasko Pro Performance Blower Fan has three high-velocity speeds. The fan can be used as a portable blower fan in garages, basements, and work sites, in fact, the high- velocity fan is useful for cooling car, drying floor, and exhausting the hot air outside.
  2. The fan is fully assembled. The strength of assembling the fan is not required, it is directly usable
  3. The fan is made of sturdy plastic. Hence it is unbreakable.
  4. The fan has a pivoting head on the blower. It helps to point up air where it is necessary.
  5. The fan has an easy-grip handle. The handle allows the user to move the fan whenever necessary.

The fan is not at all noisy as it uses turbines to blow air. It blows a vast amount of air and can outperform any high velocity 18’’ pattern air circulator.

Choice #4: MaxxAir HVWM Heavy Duty Oscillating Mounted Garage Fan

garage fan wall mount

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Looking for the best wall mounted garage fan cuz you don’t have enough space in your garage? No worry! This wall mount fan might be what are you looking for you small size garage. MaxxAir HVWM is an enclosed, energy-efficient, and dustproof fan. With CFM rating of 2500, this high velocity fan provides airflow to cover two or three car garage. It has the best speed in this affordable price range. With a rugged hanging bar and a 3-speed pull chain, its price is around $53. The fan is completely assembled and has 1-year Limited Warranty. If your garage doesn’t have enough space to place a fan on the floor, surely you have to choose this wall mount fan for your garage.

Top Key Features:

  1. The fan blows air like tornado. You will feel the wind standing any corner after placing one in your garage. Moreover, it helps to eliminate stuffiness and odors of the garage.
  2. The fan has a dust-proof and energy efficient PSC motor. PSC motors are very durable and further help you to save utility bill, although it will blow air like hell.
  3. The fan is easy to operate. A smooth pull chain in the fan allows it to switch between different speeds of the fan quickly.
  4. A nice and sturdy hanging bar is included with it. The hanging bars enables to set up the fan quickly for immediate use.
  5. The fan’s head can be tilted 180 degrees, and it is wall mountable. Hence, the user can experience airflow all over the garage changing the direction of airflow.

These fans can be easily installed, and its sealed motor prevents dust from entering inside it. The fan moves a lot of air and is a must buy.

Choice #5: Fantech 2SHE0721 Axial Wall Shutter Vent Fan for Garage

garage fan exhaust vent

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Fantech shutter fan is one of the best exhaust fan for garage. This is a speed controllable exhaust fan. It has UL 705 standard listed ventilators and the heavy-duty guards. The fan weighs 15 pounds. The price is around $100, and the power consumption is 20 watts. This fan is easy to install as it has pre-launched mounting holes and has automatic shutters. It is designed for wall mounting.

Top Key Features

  1. The fan blades are manufactured from aluminum. Hence, they are light in weight and durable.
  2. The wire guard has a charcoal gray metallic polyester finish. This prevents corrosion
  3. There are pre-launched mounting holes in the fan. These pre-launched mounting holes enable easy installation
  4. This fan is specially designed to ventilate. This can be highly profitable for stores, offices, farmhouses.
  5. It comes with a wide range of diameter from 7’’ to 36’’. The buyer can choose his desired size from the sizes available.

This exhaust fan can work up to long hours and can help cool down extremely hot rooms. It is easy to service and install.

Buying Guide Of Best Garage Fan

Types of Garage Fans That You Can

The type of garage fan you choose will depend on your own needs, the space in your garage, as well as cost and effectiveness. The following is a very brief look at the different types of garage fans available and why you might need them.

  1. Ceiling Fan – Installing a ceiling fan in your garage is a great option since they are easy to clean, powerful and stay safely above the garage floor. Nowadays, some quality ceiling fan models come up with lighting features, which help to improve the visibility of your garage. They are very powerful since they usually have 3-5 large rotating blades which oscillate 360 degrees constantly either in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Installing a ceiling fan in a garage is a bit hard because it needs some electrical wiring if there is no existing wiring setup for ceiling fan installation. So, you need to hire an HVAC expert if you don’t have knowledge about electrical wiring.
  2. Wall-Mounted Fan – A wall-mounted fan is an excellent option for those who have very little space on the garage floor. Generally, wall-mounted fans work with spinning blades to circulate air but like a ceiling fan, it can’t rotate 360 degrees rather it can oscillate 180 degrees. You have to direct the wall mount fan airflow toward the place where you stay mostly in the garage as they don’t have the capacity to cover the whole garage. So, before installing a wall mount fan in your garage, think and do good research on the proper placing of this type of fan in a garage.
  3.  Blower Fan– A blower fan is a stronger type of fan that produces airflow in a more concentrated area at very higher pressure. It can also be used to blow dust out from the garage. It’s also great for keeping insects out. Blower fans are light-weight and usually fairly portable, so if mobility is something you need, you may want to consider a blower fan. Be aware blowers tend to be a lot louder than oscillating fans, thanks to the pressurized airflow.
  4. Other Options. Fans like outdoor misting fans and high-velocity fan can be a good option for garage use. They are a bit expensive but pretty good blower of air.

Features You Definitely Need in A Garage Fan

  • Appropriate Size – Many people might hesitate to buy an industrial model fan, but for proper air circulation for a big size garage, you can’t help but go for an industrial fan for your garage. Industrial fans also tend to be sturdier and better for workshop conditions. 

    However, if you’re looking for airflow in a particular area of the garage, you may purchase a blower fan. 

    For a medium or small size garage fan, without any doubt, wall-mounted or ceiling fan will be the best option.

    If your garage is wide both in square footage and height and there is adequate space that air can move, a typical oscillating fan or ceiling fan will be enough to cool it down.
  •  Power of Fan– CMF, which stands for Cubic Feet per Minute, indicates who much air the fan push in one minute. This parameter of the fan will give you a hint that does the fan is enough powerful to tackle air circulation in your garage or not. If your purchased fans CFM is less than the required CFM to circulate air in your garage than they fan not make you cool and you will feel hot and uncomfortable staying there for few moments. Undoubtedly, it is a very important parameter.

    Many ask us how they can determine the perfect CFM rated fan for your garage? You have to use an online CFM calculator to calculate the required CFM to figure out the required size of the fan to perform perfect air exchange. Choosing an accurate CFM rated fan will be a blessing from you as it will help to remove warm air trapped inside the garage and let the cool air flowing inside replacing warm air. 

    The lower the CFM value of the fan, the less powerful the fan will be and vice-versa. 
  • Variable Speed Setting-  the temperature of your garage will not remain fixed forever. The temperature will vary if outside temperature changes. So, it is beneficial to choose a fan for your garage that is flexible in controlling fan speed. Variable speed setting options will help you to choose a comfortable speed according to the change of climate. The more the speed setting option, the more freedom you will have to select impeccable airflow. But, a three-speed setting (low, medium and high) will be enough options for most of the customers, but some prefer more options than three. 
  • Sturdy Construction – Fan with metal body and blades would be the best option when it comes to durability. But metal fans are not affordable at all and may cost you 200$ plus. On the other hand, in a garage, a fan has to deal with heavy dust and dirt. Moreover, a garage tends to be the most humid portion of your house. So, it is not a good idea to use a metal fan in a garage if you don’t have a humidifier in your garage, whereas, metals are rustic by nature. Rather, it will be good for a fan that is made of plastic. Plastic fans are more accessible to clean.
  • Durable Motor – Fan without motor is nothing but a piece of scrap metal, isn’t it? The motor is the heart of the fan. As long as it works fine, the fan will keep pushing air, otherwise, it will remain standstill.

    Mostly, there are two types of motors used for fans. They are: Sleeve Bearing Motor and other is Dual Ball Bearing Motor. 

    The sleeve bearing motor works on the recirculating oil system. This kind of system is used to lubricate the fans motor bearing to maintain the correct temperature of the motor. The fan which has this type of motor is usually cheap as tends to last a shorter lifespan. But, this type of motor system is normally found in a fan that has no speed setting options. Because they will not stay lubricated if the speed of the fan changes suddenly and you turn off/on fan more frequently. 

    On the other hand, dual ball-bearing motor stays evenly lubricated regardless of operating speed. Dual ball bearing motors are more expensive but tend to last a lot longer. They also work better in a greater range of temperatures. For garages that are hot in the summer and colder in the winter, this is a better choice. You should also look for a sealed motor housing. Unlike house fans, garage fans are exposed to significant dust and debris.
  • Sturdy Feet or Wall Mount – Whether it’s a floor fan or a wall fan, look for the sturdiest possible stand. In case, you like to buy a floor/pedestal fan for your garage, it should be better if you buy one that’s stand is made of metal and the base feet are rubberized so that it holds the ground strongly. Rubberized fan base also prevents damage of garage floor, and wobble less when the blades are spinning at full speed.

    If you are willing to grab a wall mount fan, you should pick one that has a sturdy and metal wall mounting bar. When it is mounted on the wall, check if it is fitted perfectly. If the mounting bar is loose, you should immediately return it to the manufacturer. It should also come with pre-drilled holes for ease of installation.
  • Adjustable Tilt – There are many reasons you might want an adjustable tilt to your fan. It may be that there are awkward corner spaces that may not get the ventilation you need on a straight angle. Some days you may be working directly in front of your fan, and on humid days, or days you might need extra air circulation, such as in a workshop environment, you’ll want the option to adjust the angle of the airflow.

Things you need to consider when buying a garage fan

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when buying a garage fan. Hopefully, our buying guide has helped narrow down your choices. There are a series of questions to ask yourself to help you make a final decision.

  • Where will you put it? – For garages where space is an issue, it is more practical to choose a ceiling or wall mounting fan. In case, you have a gym in your garage then it will be ideal to choose a fan that is easy to move and lightweight. A floor/pedestal fan will be the norm for this. The blower fan will come in handy if you have an inhouse garage workshop.
  • How powerful does the fan need to be? – We’ve already discussed the importance of CFM and variable speed settings in the previous section of this article. However, if you work from a smaller garage space, or aren’t dealing with excessive heat in the summer, or if the garage you are in has decent airflow and ventilation, your fan may not need a high speedy fan like an industrial fan. Our expert emphasis the use of an industrial fan in garages if your garage is big or open. They are sturdy, powerful and durable.
  • How loud is it?– Blower fans are traditionally more powerful and louder than typical air circulation fans. Large industrial fans are even louder then blower fans. If you use your garage only for garage works, then you don’t need to buy the quietest fan for your garage. But, if you use it also for some kind of leisure activities like gyming or do doing office work, then you have to go for a quieter fan like a pedestal fan or tower fan.
  • What is the warranty? – Warranty is an important consideration to count when buying any appliances or gadgets. One has to look up warranty duration more gravely in case of choosing a quality garage fan. Because garage fan is exposed to debris and dust much more than an ordinary household fan. The long warranty period will cover your garage fan from unusual problem or damage of fan since the manufacturer are bound to fix it for you without any cost. So, we recommend you purchase a fan that has a long warranty period for the last 3 years. Otherwise, you will not get the proper return of the value of the product. 
  • Does the motor protect from dust? – As mentioned earlier, the garage isn’t the cleanest part of your house. Typically, the garage is used to do simple car repairing, car cleaning and car painting works. So, naturally, there is a lot of dust and debris accumulated inside your garage. This dart and dust may attack the motor of the fan and may cause huge damage. Thus, it is very important to invest in a fan with a protected motor that can withstand excessive gunk and grime.
  • Other Factors to consider.
  • *It may be that you have small children, and optional speed settings for quiet is a priority for your workspace.
  • *If you work in a place prone to water damage, you might prefer a fan designed to take the dampness out of an area.
  • *If you live in the coldest state where the weather tends to be cool all the time, you might go for a fan that also comes up with the heater.


1. Where Should a Fan be Placed in a Garage?

Answer: It depends on several factors. If you have more than one fan in your garage then it is good to place one fan near the window or garage door which will work as an exhaust fan and another one can be used to blow cool breeze like an ordinary fan.
If you have the budget from only one fan then it will be better to go for a fan that can be placed near the window or garage door.

2. Should I Use An Air Conditioner For My Garage?

Answer: You can use an air conditioner in your garage. It is safe to use AC in a garage. But the cost of installing an air conditioner is very costly as you have to invest huge money insulating your garage. Otherwise, air conditioner will not function properly.

3. How can I keep my dog cool in the garage?

Answer: Garage is always a favorite place for everyone to keep a dog in there. But, you have to ensure that your pet is feeling really comfortable in this place, especially in summer. You have to keep in eye on following things to keep your dog cool in garage:
1 Always put water in the pet cage or house.
2. Keep a portable fan in the pet house to keep your pet cool and air circulating.
3. Always keep your garage clean

Final Verdict

When the scorching heat outside is not letting you stay in peace, and your room is becoming like a heat engine, these fans will be of great importance to you. The stuffiness or odor of any room can be eliminated using these fans. The garage fans can be used to dry up carpets, sheets, etc. without much hesitation in places where there is less wind. These fans are extremely user-friendly and highly economical. They come in attractive sizes, and their quickly installable features allow them to be used just after buying. All these fans are pre-assembled. These fans come with long power cords that are grounded making them safe for use. We hope that by now you have an idea about the best garage fan suitable for your workplace.


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