Top 9 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchens

Ceiling fans do not only add style to your space but also helps you in keeping your budget low by circulating air throughout the rooms in your fancy house. Ceiling fans are the best to reduce your cooling needs in summer. They are economical and practical solutions to feel comfortable. Through them, you can lower the thermostat temperature by 4F˚-7F˚ and save up to 30% on cooling costs.

Ceiling fans are a two-way sword. In summers, if you can get cool breezes by spinning it counter-clockwise, then in winter you can get warm air by changing its spinning to clockwise direction. You just have to note down the direction in which the blades are rotating. After that, simply switch off the fan, locate the switch of the fan’s base and modestly flick the switch in the opposite direction. Your cooler in summer and heater in winter is ready to run the business.

However, picking quality ceiling fan that also adds beauty to your household is not an easy task. There is a vast sea of ceiling fans, present in catalogs, websites, and social media pages, and choosing one for your kitchen is not as simple as it seems. All these varieties have their special functions and additional specs that are set on pros and cons. Some of them are better for indoor uses while some of them are made to provide outdoor services and when it comes to selecting the perfect ceiling fan for your kitchen, the level of humidity and weather conditions are of the top concerns.

There is much more to reflect when choosing the right fan for your exquisite home or your kitchen. The following blog will help you in considering the best choices that will make a big difference to your decision in selecting the best ceiling fan for your kitchen.

Why You Need a Ceiling Fan for Your Kitchen?

Wouldn’t it be nice to move around your kitchen while feeling the cool breeze in summer and warm blow in winter? In addition to that, don’t you like a posh ceiling fan with a light fixture in your kitchen that exhausts all the smell of burned/overcooked food from your house? Yes, it will surely feel nice and indeed you like the idea because the smell of the gas, overcooked food, and smoke are not cherished by anyone.

Cooking is fun with a chill gust of air. The ceiling fan keeps the kitchen cool while providing the best ventilation services. Hence, preparing ingredients and cooking meals inside a comfortable kitchen is the dream of every man and woman. There are a variety of ceiling fans i.e. with or without light, multifunctional, dual motor, etc. that can be easily found in the market. But how to select one that suits all your needs?

If you are missing out on supplementary lightning and can barely see the countertop or the cabinet, then the ceiling fan with bright lights are the best selection for your kitchen because generally, people do not focus on kitchen lightening and according to 400-600 lumens, mostly lights in the kitchen area are dim. Historically, kitchens need to be bright than the rest of the house to avoid any accidents of cutting or burning. Let’s dig into more details of the types of ceiling fans for your kitchen.

Types of Ceiling Fans for Kitchen

Standard Ceiling Fan

Standard Ceiling Fan

Standard ceiling fans are the type that you mostly find at homes. They are handy and versatile in their work. Moreover, their style can match with any type of furniture and décor. The range of standard ceiling fans includes antique bronze, pewter, brushed nickel, black, white, and natural. Furthermore, unlike traditional fans, you can fit several accessories such as pull chain, remote control, light kits, and customized blades, etc. according to your liking.

The ideal number of blades in these fans is four or five and their operating mechanisms mostly include a light fixture. However, they are also available without any built-in lights. Moreover, they come in a variety of finishes and shades and can be easily customized to better fit the décor of your home as well as the weather. They can be the best fans for your kitchen.

 Hugger Ceiling Fans

Hugger Ceiling Fans

Hugger fans can also be known as “Low profile ceiling fans” or “Flush mount ceiling fans”. However, this type of ceiling fan is used when the ceilings of your kitchen are less than eight feet tall. Hence, instead of using a down rod, they are directly installed onto the mounting bracket. As the fan’s blades are so close to the ceiling, the movement of air is enormous.

Its powerful blades will move the cool or heated air throughout the room rapidly that will clean the smell of overcooked/burned food from the house. However, you can also customize the functions of hugger ceiling fans according to your liking.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Energy Star Ceiling Fans can be available in standard as well as low profile options. However, their best feature is that they can save your money in the long run. Moreover, they are exceptionally better for the environment than other comparable ceiling fans.

The Environmental Protection Agency especially, designed this classification of fans to help consumers in retaining the electrical energy as well as the sum of their money. These fans use up to 20-30% less energy than the requirements of federal standards. Indeed, when less energy is used, a greater benefit will be given to the environment. Energy Star Ceiling Fans can be the best fans for your kitchen.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans are just like they sound i.e. the ceiling fans with two motors. This fan has a central motor housing attached to two horizontals rods and each rod has its adjustable fan head. They allow you to set each one of the motors at its speed and they are usually more decorative than the standard or single-motor ceiling fans.

They are highly used in public settings to circulate air in specific directions as well as to cover the wider area. Technically, their functions are mainly outdoor however, it can serve as a damp fan as well in your kitchen.

Damp and Wet Ceiling Fans

They are also called the “Outdoor Ceiling Fans” that serves the purpose of making your living easy at a humid location. They are usually implanted in damp or wet places hence, can be the most valuable asset for cooling your kitchen where damping is a normal fact and the floor stays wet all the time. Damp ceiling fans are implanted with specially manufactured motors that resist damage from moisture and humidity. It has all-weather blades that are sharp and powerful and resilient to warping.

However, they come more traditionally because their functions are the primary focus but you can often find them in exotic styles too in the market. Damp ceiling fans are useful in kitchens, sun-rooms, covered patios, and covered porches where the area will likely experience a fair amount of humidity.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

A number of ceiling fans are available with a remote control including damp and wet fans, dual-motor fans, standard ceiling fans, etc. Hence, these fans are an eccentric choice for people who have mobility issues or are not tall enough to reach the pull cords attached to the fan. Moreover, this type of fan also works with really high ceilings as well as event rooms, restaurants, commercial properties, and kitchens, where you don’t want to struggle yourself from switching the fan on and off by pulling cords while cutting or cooking. Thus, these can be a good companion for your kitchen.

However, the features of remotes control fans may fluctuate from model to model but generally, they all allow you to adjust the speed or direction of the blades as well as allow you to turn the light on and off (if it fixture). Moreover, if you are worried that you may lose the remote control somewhere then do not worry because you always have a wall switch as a backup.

Top 9 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchen

We would like to bring your attention to some of the premium ceiling fans for the kitchen that not only give your house a luxurious look but also serve their intended purpose up to your expectations.

Number 1: Honeywell 50601-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary

Honeywell 50601-01 Ceiling Fan

This fan is the most reasonable ceiling fan for your kitchen. It is a small 30” fan with LED lights installed in it. We can guarantee that it is one of the best kitchen ceiling fans with bright light. Its nickel finish blades and canopy as well as its super small size make it very convenient and elegant for modern kitchens at an affordable price.

It’s quiet, reversible, and 3-speed motor will change its mode from downdraft to updraft in seconds for optimal airflow which makes it perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Moreover, it has dual-finish reversible blades that let you style them according to your liking thus, pick the finish that best suits your space. It has two E26/B10 LED bulbs implanted in it that are dimmable up to 20% and provides 450 lumens. It takes 4.5 watts and is housed in a light-frosted white globe light.

Number 2: Casablanca Wisp 44” Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Wisp 44” Ceiling Fan

Casablanca’s 44-inch Wisp model makes it unique in the world of ceiling fans. Moreover, the functions and mechanism of this ceiling fan work well in a kitchen setting. It has this 16˚ blade pitch that delivers a powerful breeze and its silent direct-drive motor with elegant design goes well with the kitchen décor.

Furthermore, an LED light kit is integrated into it to brighten up your space. You can easily downdraft and updraft it to enjoy chill breezes in summer and warm blow in winter respectively. Its best modern design and quiet motor earned the respect to mention Casablanca Wisp on our list of top ceiling fans for the kitchen.

Number 3: Harbor Breeze Mazon 44” Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze is a low profile kitchen ceiling fan. Its Mazon flush mount model leaves people in awe. It works best with the small to medium size kitchens that need a powerful air movement. Its 44-inches blade spans perfectly around the kitchen. It also has an 18-watt LED light kit integrated into its model.

Harbor Breeze brushed nickel body allows the Mazon to work perfectly with stainless steel appliances. Moreover, it includes a remote control that eases the control of light and fan speed which means no more pulling power cords to control the fan.

Number 4: Emerson Tilo 30” Ceiling Fan

Emerson Tilo 30” Ceiling Fan

The Emerson Tilo ceiling fans are very easy to use that allows it to be part of our list of top 9 pick kitchen ceiling fan. It’s simple, wall control, powerful four-speed motor, and elegant design make it appealing for the people. Its 30-inch ceiling is perfect for smaller kitchens and dining areas. Moreover, it can easily be used with or without an LED light kit. However, Emerson offers those kitchens longer down rods that’s ceilings are higher than 9-feet.

Furthermore, it is available in multiple colors that suit best your cabinets, appliances, and floor so select the color of your choice and make your kitchen a real deal.

Number 5: Fanimation Studio Collection Vintere 23” Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Studio Collection Vintere 23” Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation Studio Vintere ceiling fan is the best of both worlds’ design. Now, you don’t have to be nervous about selecting between purchasing a stylish light fixture or a kitchen ceiling fan. It combines a modish 4-light chandelier with a functional ceiling fan. Moreover, it includes a vintage-style candelabra bulb inside an exclusive style caged drum that gives it a unique look and makes it appealing to the masses.

Its fashionable look and 23-inch ceiling make it perfect for your dinner place and small kitchen. However, you can install multiple Fanimation Studio Vintere ceiling fan in a large kitchen to give it a modest look. The one feature that makes it more attractive is the remote control capabilities. With its remote control, you cannot only control the speed of the fan but also allow the fan to set on a 1,3, or 6-hour timer. Moreover, the LED bulbs are also dimmable and can be controlled via remote control according to the mood. All these unique features allow us to add it to our favorite fans for the kitchen list.

Number 6: Hunter Builder Deluxe 52” Ceiling Fan

Hunter Builder Deluxe 52” Ceiling Fan

Hunter Builder Deluxe offers a contemporary kitchen ceiling fan which is perfect for larger kitchens. Its 52-inch ceiling fan is very reliable and can be used year-round. The Builder Deluxe ceiling fans models are known for their great value and powerful air movement. These fans are incredibly quiet and have reversible Brazilian Cherry and stained Oak blades installed in them that give kitchen cabinets a stylish and sleek look.

Number 7: Possini Euro Design Segue 24” Ceiling Fan

Possini Euro Design Segue 24” Ceiling Fan

Rossini Euro Design not only provides perfect cooling in the kitchen but also enlightens your kitchen with some best and elegant home lighting. For those people who love pendant lights, these fans are perfect for them. Their stylish look with 24-inches wide and 16-inches ceiling is great for small to medium size kitchens and dining counters. Moreover, its brushed nickel finish is an easier match for your stainless steel appliances. Its 18˚ blade pitch allows a powerful breeze and heightens its functionality. It also includes a remote control to navigate the fan and lights.

Number 8: Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan

Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan

The Loft’s airfoil blade of Emerson’s ceiling fans creates an uptown feel with an efficient solution to moving air in style. Its extra curvy blades will give you a powerful experience of cool breeze in summers and warm gust in winters. Its 60-inch blade has three times more efficiency in spanning air. Moreover, it includes a 6-inch down rod for perfect air control.

Number 9: Hunter Fan Company 51061 Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company 51061 Ceiling Fan

This traditional ceiling fan comes with weathered oak country reversible blades that keep your kitchen place dry and fresh. Its multi-speed reversible fan motor delivers a powerful airflow with quite a performance and can change the direction from downdraft mode to updraft within seconds. However, to control its functions you have to pull the power cord.

How to Properly Install a Ceiling fan in the Kitchen

  • Select the right blade size

The size of our kitchens is usually small and compact as compared to the rest of our rooms. Hence, we do not need a larger blade size or a big ceiling fan for our kitchen. The blade which is offering a comparable cooling at a lower velocity will do. Moreover, do not worry about the number of blades because this will not affect the performance of the ceiling fan at all.

  • Proper location of the Ceiling fan

The ideal location of the ceiling fan is 7 to 9 feet above the kitchen floor, 10 to 12 feet below the ceilings, and at least 18 to 24 inches away from the walls.

  • The accurate features

When we talk about the installation of ceiling fans in the kitchen, their combo with lights rings the best in-ears. As kitchen area needs the bright light the most to avoid any kind of accident of burning or cutting and to recognize the cabinets and countertop perfectly. However, you have the freedom to choose the features of the ceiling fan up to your requirements such as some people prefer fans with high speed, low noise, remote controls, pull chains, lavishing designs, etc.

  • Be considerate about your budget

Remember, you get what you pay for so invest cleverly. Select a ceiling fan that best fits your needs and requirement and comes under your budget without creating any financial issues. A little research on ceiling fans will earn you a model with less issue, smoother and quieter functions, fast fan speed, and a longer warranty.

  • Implementation of safe installation

Last but not the least, be careful when installing a ceiling fan to avoid any kind of accidents. However, professional installation is recommended in regards to grant the ceiling fan, a longer life under warranty and most importantly the safety of your family and loved ones. Safe installation is very essential as, a fan is weighed at least 50 pounds and anyone can be hurt by this much weight while installing, if not handled properly. The safety installation should include an appropriate UL-listed electrical box, mounting bracket, and proper alignment and balancing.

The Final Verdict

Selecting and installing a ceiling fan is not an easy task. You have to be considerate about the precautions, suitable needs, color combinations, kitchen space, etc. However, once you get over installing a top-notch ceiling fan in your kitchen, all your petty issues regarding kitchen damping will vanish quickly.  

The one thing that you should keep in mind while installing the ceiling fan is that whether you want the entire kitchen to receive the air circulation or only a small portion of the kitchen for example; you only need air in the dining counter or breakfast nook. The other thing you should be careful about while shopping for a ceiling is the size of the fan is usually the size of the fan in kitchens are comparably smaller than the bedrooms and lounge. In any case, the ideal size of the ceiling fans in the kitchen is 30-44 inches to cool down the kitchen site. However, for a larger kitchen, the size of 52-inches is the best.

By reading the blog you already get an idea about the importance of ceiling fans in the kitchen, the ideal size of the ceiling fans, what are its type and which ceiling fans are best for your kitchen. Now, it’s your turn to list down your needs on a sheet of paper and go out to find the best ceiling fan for your kitchen or you can simply order it from the websites by visiting the above links.

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