Best Box Fans For The Bedroom Reviews 2023

If you want to find the best box fans in 2023 as well as how to choose a great box fan, then this is the place.

In the summer, bedroom box fans are important. They are a great alternative to AC and can be very effective in cooling your room. Since box fan models can be significantly different, you need to make sure you get the right fan for your bedroom.

Why Go For A Box Fan?


Box fans are significantly cheaper than AC. In addition, they consume less energy, resulting in a lower electricity bill. Having a simple box fan in your bedroom will spare you the significant expenses associated with air conditioning.


As opposed to air conditioners, box fans are portable and can be easily placed wherever you want to enjoy cool air. For instance, you can place the fan near your bed when you’re sleeping, on the desk if you’re working, or you can take it to a different room whenever you need additional cooling. Most box fans are light and are easily taken from one place to another.


While it’s true that an air conditioner can provide much colder air, they generate this air mechanically. They do so by extracting moisture from the outside air and cooling it. The air generated is significantly dry. The frequent exposure to low humidity can irritate your skin and sinuses.

On top of that, the air conditioner filters require constant cleaning. They can easily accumulate mold and fungus. This can greatly affect the air quality and lead to airborne illnesses, especially if the filters are not properly tended to.

On the other hand, the air movement generated by box fans is completely natural, which makes box fans a healthier option. Fresh, natural air is a very important benefit of having a box fan.


Fans running on much less energy is not only good for your bills but also for the environment. Air conditioners often require a monstrous amount of energy and also emit gases, mostly carbon dioxide. This can be harmful to both humans and the environment. The energy efficiency of box fans makes them a much more environment-friendly option.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Box Fan For The Bedroom

If you’re getting a box fan for your bedroom, you really need to go for the best box fans available. Below are important factors to look at before choosing a good quality box fan for your bedroom.


The rate at which box fans can circulate air largely depends on their size. To get the right size, you need to keep in mind how big your bedroom is. Small box fans can be suitable for small bedrooms while bigger fans will work better for a sizeable bedroom. Usually, it will come down to a 10 or 20-inch box fan, depending on your room size.

It’s not recommended to go for large, industrial fans for your bedroom. While these can ensure a wider range of air movement, they can be a nuisance, especially if you’re trying to sleep.

Weight And Mobility

One of the main advantages of box fans is their lighter weight and portability. With that in mind, make sure your box fan isn’t heavier than it should. Additionally, you might want to look for a fan that has a carry handle. This way, your portable fan can be more easily taken from one place to another.

Fresh And Cool Air Flow

The ways in which fans circulate air vary from one model to another. You not only want cool air, but you want it fresh as well. to ensure this, quality box fans are usually equipped with filters or combined with air purifiers. With the right filters, dust and other contaminants can be effectively blocked.

After using your box fan for a while, the air filter can either be cleaned or replaced, depending on the model.


Most box fans are easy enough to use. However, it’s a good idea to look for features that will make them even more practical and convenient. You would hate to get up from the coziness of your bed each time you forget to turn on your box fan or want to adjust the settings. Some box fans do come with remote control. If this is particularly important to you, look for fans that can be operated remotely.

Speed Adjustability

Good box fans allow you to adjust them according to your air movement preferences. It is best to look for fans with several speed settings to choose from. If you don’t like to be very close to the fan, you might want to turn the speed settings to a maximum to cool the room entirely while not being close to you. Otherwise, slower air circulation might be fine.

Speed settings also allow you to regulate the room temperature to your liking. You might want to set it to the maximum setting the moment you enter your room to push away the warm air faster before gradually decreasing the speed.


One of the most important things to consider is the noise level of the box fan, particularly if you want to use it in your bedroom. You really need to pick a quiet fan that won’t disturb you in any way, especially if you’re trying to sleep.

Naturally, higher speed settings will result in more noise. You need to make sure that even then, the noise will be within an acceptable limit.


Dust and dirt will gradually accumulate in the fan blades and air filter as you use your box fan. Fans need to be periodically cleaned so as to not compromise the air quality in your bedroom. Some box fans have a removable grill that allows you easy access to the fan blades. This way, you can clean them faster and more easily.

Top Box Fans For The Bedroom In 2023

Now that you know all you need to choose the best box fan for your bedroom, let’s look at our top box fan picks in 2023.

Lasko Black Decor 20-Inch Weather Resistant Box Fan

The Laso 20″ box fan is a great choice for your bedroom as well as any medium-sized indoor space. It has a gorgeous, intelligent, and lightweight design. It is also equipped with a convenient handle with which you can carry it easily.
The fan features a top-mounted control knob with 3 adjustable speeds to ensure optimal air circulation. It is also very quiet, making it a perfect solution for your bedroom.
A key advantage of the Lasko 20″ box fan is its great energy efficiency despite running with a 20″ blade. It roughly costs 2 cents per hour to operate.
The Lasko Black Decor 20-Inch Box Fan is very versatile and can be placed on a surface such as a desk or night table, on the floor, or by the window. While it does not come with remote control, this box fan ticks all the other boxes and is undoubtedly one of the best box fans on the market.

Air King 9723 20-Inch Box Fan

The excellent Air King 9723 box fan deservedly earns a spot on our list. It has 3-speed settings to choose from, with a maximum of 2140 CFM. It is a fantastic fan that performs well in both speed and power and is suitable for both small and large rooms.
The fan motor is lubricated permanently, which helps reduce the noise level. The box fan blades are also protected with impact-resistant grills. This contributes to long-lasting durability. In addition, a practical 8-foot, 3-conductor power cord is provided.
Air King 9723 is very easy to set up, transport, and clean.
One small drawback of the Air King 9723 is that it does not come with remote control. If you can get past this and do not mind adjusting the fan manually, the box fan itself is perfect in almost every way.

Pelonis 3-Speed Box Fan

Another great contender is the Pelonis 3-speed box fan. It features 3 speeds with a max airflow of 1800 CFM, making it a powerful and efficient option.
The box fan is built to high standards and is very durable. It is also lightweight and is equipped with a practical carrying handle and two stabilizing feet for easy portability and setup.
The Pelonis 3-speed box fan has a very attractive black design and has curved, high-performance 20″ blades that add to its look. It is versatile and works perfectly in practically all indoor spaces.

Hurricane Classic 3-Speed Floor Fan

The Hurrican Classic Series box fans are a very solid option. They come in several different sizes, with blades ranging from 6 to 40 inches. We recommend the 20-inch for your bedroom as it perfectly balances power and noise.
The Hurricane box fan is essentially a floor fan but can also be placed on other surfaces. It is free-standing, thanks to its two stabilizing feet. The 20-inch fan has a powerful motor that runs on 3 adjustable speeds, with a maximum airflow of a whopping 2400 CFM. This makes it perfect for large bedrooms and living rooms.
The box fan is operated manually and very easily. It comes with a 5-foot power cord that can easily be stored in the appropriate compartment. The Hurricane Classic 20″ box fan is very energy-efficient and is a very solid choice for a quality box fan.

Genesis G20 High-Velocity Box Fan

The construction and efficiency of the Genesis 20″ box fan are excellent. The fan comes in both white and black and has a simple, attractive design that fits in nicely with any aesthetic.
The motor is made of copper, which helps with fan speed and durability. It has 3 speed settings that are both quiet and energy efficient. The high-velocity fans ensure efficient and strong air circulation regardless of the weather.
The fan is lightweight and can conveniently stand on the floor or on any flat surface thanks to its two stabilizing feet. It is also equipped with a carry handle for easy transportation.

Black+Decker Tabletop 9″ Frameless Mini Box Fan

The very simple yet efficient Black+Decker 9-inch box fan works like a charm in small- to medium-sized bedrooms. The frameless, lightweight design makes it a perfect fit in small spaces, such as desks, tables, or window sills.
The 3 speed settings can be manually adjusted from the control knob at the right bottom corner according to your needs. The fan is very quiet, as it should be, which makes it perfect for personal cooling in the bedroom.
The Black+Decker box fan is a very solid choice for a budget box fan and works exactly as intended. The electric box fan comes with a 5-foot power cord. While it doesn’t have a carry handle, it is constructed in such a way that you can carry it easily.

Best Comfort 20″ Box Fan

The Best Comfort 20-inch box fan can really move some air. It has a powerful motor and compact and solid construction. It has 5 curved plastic blades that can run on 3 different speed settings.
The item weighs approximately 8 pounds, which is a little heavier than the other box fans we mentioned. However, its high performance and impressive efficiency make up for that.
Best Comfort is a great fan for large bedrooms; it provides an instantly noticeable cooling breeze. It offers great value for its rather inexpensive price.
The only drawback of the Best Comfort 20″ box fan is that it’s not the quietest of box fans. If you place it close to you, the box fan can be too loud for comfort, especially if set at maximum. While it’s not unbearable, it is noticeable.
If you don’t mind that, the Best Comfort 20″ box fan does its job very well and can keep your bedroom cool on hot and humid days.

Final Thoughts

The best box fans mostly share the same features. However, the slightest differences are what make all the difference. You need to consider these before making your decision. Even though you’re more likely to consider the price and design of the box fan, make sure you pick something that is compact, durable, quiet, energy-efficient, and performant.

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