Top 5 Best Box Fan Of 2020

Best Box Fan

Are you looking for a budget-friendly cooling option for your home? Or You wanna purchase a fan that can run with an air conditioner to boost the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner?

If the answer is “yes”, then you are in the right place. A box fan can be the perfect choice for these problems we mentioned above.

A box fan will become a multitasker if you place it properly in a certain room. It can be used as an air circulator to move the air around a whole room or can be used as a ventilation fan to vent the hot air from the room, or it can be used as a downdraft table to filter dust from the air.

There are so many box fan models available on the market and online store. It is a big challenge to choose the best box fan for your space? Here’s a quick roundup of some of the awesome quality box fan that you might find interesting:

Quick Look At The Top 5 Editor’s Pick Of Box Fan

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Top 5 Best Box Fan For Household Use

Let’s take a look at the top 5 box fans which you can trust without any doubt

Our Editor’s Choice #1: Hurricane Box Fan (Best Overall)

After hearing the name of this box fan, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is that it won’t the quietest box fan available in the market. But surprisingly the Hurricane Box Fan is whisper quiet in nature when it is running. The Sound it generates will not disturb your sleep or work, although the air flowing capacity of this fan is incredible. It can blow air with a velocity of 160 cubic meters per minute as it has a very high CFM rating (nearly 2400 CFM at high-speed setting).  When it blows air at high speed setting one may find it is winding like a mini hurricane (as the brand name of this fan refers to). It can be tilt in 2-3 different angle. So it suitable to use in a garage or workshop as a floor fan. The body of this box fan is made of sturdy plastic. Altogether, this classic box fan offers an effective and economical way to cool your space.

Top Key Features

  • The height and wide of this box fan is perfect to move a significant amount of air in a big size room. Moreover, It’s not bulky or took that much space for placement.
  • It creates airflow up to 2400 CFM which indicates that it moves a lot of air. This will help effectively cool a big size room.
  • It comes with three-speed setting options. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any remote. So, you have to operate it manually. You have to operate and select your desired speed setting mode using a turning knob.
  • It also has a cord storage which makes it very convenient and less messy to put away.


  • Friendly price tag
  • Compact and portable
  • Loaded with convenient features
  • Stable and doesn’t wobble or vibrate when in use
  • Ideal size for various applications


  • Needs to be taken apart for cleanups
  • Adding a top handle could make it more portable
  • No remote control and doesn’t oscillate.

You may find a fan that operates quietly and also moves a good amount of air. Ironically, this Hurricane box fan has this rare quality. This is the main reason why it a solid pick for typical households.

Runner Up: Black + Decker BFB09W Mini Box Fan (Best Small Box Fan)

If you only need to cool a small area, the BLACK+DECKER BFB09W Quiet Mini Tabletop Box Fan will be a solid option for you. This mini box fan will sit nicely on top of your office desk or beside the couch table and can be used as a portable personal fan. Also, it will be a perfect partner in your home garage while you are working or doing some physical activity (if you have a personal GYM in your garage). It can be a reliable addition to any small area that needs cooling.

Top Key Features

  • It has a self-standing frameless design, so you can conveniently use it anywhere you like to.
  • Equipped with three-speed settings, you can select how much air you’ll get out of this small appliance. This allows it to be more versatile.
  • Designed with manual controls that are located in its front panel, it’s also very easy to operate. The dial itself is simple to work with and its placing allows easy access.
  • Unlike other mini fans, this requires to be plugged into work. As a result, it can promise a more powerful motor.


  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Moves a lot of air for its small size
  • Highly versatile


  • Cleanups can be tricky
  • Can be a bit noisy but it should be expected since it moves a lot of air
  • Looks a bit like an exhaust fan.

Despite its small size, this Black + Decker mini fan can work wonders in cooling your space. So if you don’t really need a regular box fan, this can do the job.

Number #3: Lasko 3733 Box Fan (Best Brand Value)

Lasko 3733 box fan is one of the best selling box fans on Amazon. This product offers everything a homeowner needs a quiet box fan. It’s also a great plus that Lasko is the top-rated china brand and they are popular for manufacturing quality electric fan. Without any doubt, it is the perfect pick and main attraction for many practical homeowners.

Top Key Features

  • It is Engineered with three Whisper-Quiet speed settings. This technology ensures that this box fan will not make that much noise while running at top speed.
  • It highest speed setting it moves air of 2500 CFM. It is the highest cfm rating among our top 5 box fans.
  • The control system of this box fan is mounted on the top of the fan body and the knob is very easy to operate. All you need to do is turn the dial to change its speed settings.
  • It’s very lightweight and also equipped with a top handle. So, You won’t face any difficulties while moving it around one room to another.


  • Made in the USA
  • Very affordable price
  • Portable
  • Moves a lot of air
  • Very reliable brand


  • Not the most energy efficient in the market but is still less costly than other fans
  • Vibrates a little when on highest speed setting.

This Lasko box fan is powerful, silent and portable. That’s why people are more likely to buy it.

Number #4: Holmes Box Fan (Best Cheap Box Fan)

Those who are in search of cheap box fans don’t have to look far. You can already meet your match with the Holmes 20-inch Box Fan. This American-made box fan is very affordable and performs really well that it will be difficult to find something similar at its price point.

Top Key Features

  • It has three speed settings.
  • It can produce up to 1400 CFM. While it might not be the highest rating out there, it can already guarantee an adequate and quiet performance.
  • Its black metal construction offers durability. It won’t be easily cracked or get sun damaged.
  • It is finished with a built-in handle and the handle is very sturdy. It’s also designed with feet which makes it even more stable.


  • Made in the USA
  • Very affordable
  • Moves a lot of air
  • Works quietly
  • Convenient cord storage


  • Control placement might need some getting used to
  • Very lightweight that it’s best to secure it in place.

This box fan offers great performance at a low price, this Holmes box fan can tickle the fancy of a lot of homes on a budget.

Number #5: Optimus F-1022 Box Fan (Top Quality Mini Box Fan)

Even small spaces need good air circulation so they won’t get too stuffy. For a fan that can solve such problems, the Optimus F-1022 10-Inch 2 Speed Box Fan can be a good choice. Its small size, quiet performance, and the affordable price tag can make it worth your while.

Top Key Features

  • It has two-speed settings which are more than what a lot of people expect from a mini fan. This makes it even more useful and suitable for various applications.
  • Its Whisper Quiet Operation motor makes it ideal for workplaces, bedrooms, and other areas. Since it will be most likely placed near the user, it’s designed to not disturb anyone.
  • Equipped with slide control, it’s very easy to operate. You only need to work with one controller for every function so you won’t get baffled with its operation.
  • It also has a convenient carry handle that makes it portable.


  • Very compact size
  • Portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Blows a good amount of air despite its small size
  • Simple operation


  • Outer casing adds to the 10” measurement of the blade
  • Might need additional support to balance it while standing alone.

This product is a compact option that can serve various purposes. Make sure to check its measurements, however, as it can be slightly bigger than what you’d expect.

Best Box Fan Buying Guide

Benefit Of Box Fan

  • Easy Portable. Most of the box fans’ body is made of plastic, even the blades are made of the same material. The average weight of a box fan is around 6-7 pounds. This is the prime reason why box fans are superbly lightweight and also make it very easy to move.
  • Easy to Place. You will not face any difficulties placing this fan since they come with a flat base and the footprint is not bulky either. So, you can keep it anywhere from your house.   
  • Energy Saver. Using a box fan along with an air conditioner or swamp cooler will help the cooling machine to decrease the load and increase the cooling efficiency. Thus, they will consume less power.
  • Cheap. You will not get any other quality fan it this low cost.
  • Powerful. The average CFM rating of the box fan is much higher than the normal window fan. So, one can use a box fan instead of a window fan if they want. But, they have to stop using it and remove it from the window if there is a heavy storm outside since the box fan doesn’t have a storm guarder like a window fan.
  • Multitask. Box fan can be used as an exhaust fan, normal cooling fan, air filter, laptop cooler and much more. All in all, it is a complete multitasker. 

Where to Use a Box Fan

  • Box fans can be used to ventilate a dusty room. You can place one or multiple box fans in the attic or your workshop to get the perfect ventilating output from this fan.
  • If your laptop becomes hot very frequently and you don’t have a laptop cooler, you can use a box fan as a laptop or desktop cooler as well.
  • Placing a box fan near or in the window can help a small size room cool faster. It will help to draw the cool air and pull the hot air out of the room to the environment. It will work like a window fan.
  • You can use a box fan to make a DIY air cleaner for a workshop. Need to learn how to make a DIY air cleaner with a box fan? Go to YouTube, and you will find hundreds of DIY videos.
  • You can minimize the expense of swamp cooler by making a DIY Swamp cooler with the box fan. Believe it or not, it’s very easy. Just put a large bowl of ice in front of your box fan, and your swamp cooler is ready to work.

For getting more information about the use of box fans, Visit this site.

Things You Have to Consider While Buying Box Fan

  1. Air Flow: Faster a box fan airflow better it will be. But if your place is small, you may not need a high-speed air flowing box fan. So, how you can determine a box fan airflow is perfect for your room? Well, you have to calculate the required CFM needed for your room. You may use an online CFM calculator or use this CFM calculation formula.
  2. Noise level: Fan creates a good amount of noise while it starts running. This noise will irritate you while you are trying to sleep or watching a TV show. Before buying a box fan, you must check the dB rating. We recommend purchasing a heavier box fan as they tend to wobble less and often produce less noise.
  3. Remote Control: You can’t deny the importance of remote control.
  4. Casing Material: Choose your desire box fan material according to where you are going to use your box fan. If you are looking for a box fan for indoor use, you don’t need to think about the material of the casing. But in case you need a box fan for workshop or window, you need to ensure that the substance of the casing is not rustic.
  5. Portability: Lightweight box fan is the best. Also, box fan with a stable carry handle at the top can improve maneuverability to a great extent.
  6. Number of Blades: More blades ensure more efficiency and air velocity.

Tower fan Vs Box Fan

Commonly, box fans are square or rectangular in shape. They are used to move the warm or stagnant air of your home to outside. That means, it can be used as a window fan. Only you have to place it beside or in the window of the room where room temperature tends to be very hot. This kind of placement of box fan can also help us to remove dust, smoke, darts and bad odor from the room.  You can also use it us a floor fan which will reduce the dampness of the floor.

Various designed and shaped tower fans are available in the market and look wise they are completely different from the box fan. The functionality of a tower fan is totally different also. Box fans simply move the air straight as they don’t oscillate. But tower fan blows air any direction because they can oscillate 180 degrees left to right and tilt feature can help to circulate air in the upward or downward direction. Tower fans circulate air more efficiently than window fans. That’s why tower fans are generally seen to use in a bedroom or living room especially in Europe and Asia where use AC is very rare.  


How Many decibels is a Box Fan?

The decibel rating of a box fan depends on the box fan model you purchased or willing to purchase. But, normally you may find a box fan with a decibel level ranging between 55-65 DB. Higher the rating means noisier the box fan will be.

Why is my box fan making a clicking noise?

A box fan will create annoying clicking noise if the blades or blade holder becomes loose. In case, your purchased model makes a clicking noise, check all the screws are tightened or not. If you heard the noise after tightening the screws, then you need to hire a professional for repair.

Does a box fan rotate?

No, it doesn’t oscillate like an oscillating fan.

Is it suitable for outdoor use?

The outer body of the box is not water or wind resist. Furthermore, the motor of the box fan is not waterproof. So, don’t place it outside the home. You can use it outdoor in your patio or outdoor BBQ party temporarily whenever needed.

Why is box fan rattling?

Dusty blades are the main cause of the rattling of a box fan. Cleaning the blades of your box fan can reduce it. It can also be caused due to a loose front grill.

Wrap Up

Purchasing the best box fan for your household is a big challenge. But if you know what to look for and where to start looking, you can be sure to find your perfect match in no time.

The 5 box fan that we featured in our roundup can be great options for any fan lovers. so give them a shot as they might just help you successfully end your search.


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