Top 3 Best Attic Fan and Solar Attic Fan: (Review + Buying guide)

Have you been searching for an attic fan? has several variations of attic fans. They have both regular attic fans, as well as solar attic fans – and everything in-between. The ventilation in an attic is very critical, so you have to be sure you’re choosing the right type of a fan for the job. Luckily, Amazon has several attic fans. Each fan has different benefits, but all of them are beneficial. It is stressful when your attic fan breaks and you don’t know what kind to buy next. However, Amazon has made this process a lot easier for their customers. They have the best attic fans as well!

Our Top 3 Attic Fan Picked By Editors

Our Editor’s Choice #1: Cool Attic CX1500UPS

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The Cool Attic CX1500UPS is a roof ventilation cooling fan. It has 1,300 CFM and is 115 Volts. Due to the low price of this fan, it can fit into any budget. The fan motor size is 2.6A and can cool up to 1,850 sq. ft. The fan is made of Galvanized Steel and comes in two sizes – 1,500 and 1,600. The fan has 1,300 CFM with a 2.6 Amp thermally protected motor. This fan is a gable mount fan, which means it can mount onto existing or new gable mounts. The Cool Attic model has a 14-inch fan with a 600 square inch intake. It uses high ventilation power to reduce heat buildup and equalize temperatures. This fan cools up to 1,850 sq. ft. and when paired with model No. CX2121, it has a 0.03 static pressure as well. This fan will quickly cool your home and reduce utility costs. This fan helps prevent deterioration due to the weather. It is easy to install without putting holes in the roof and reduces overall air-conditioning costs.

Benefits and Cons of This Fan

This particular fan is affordable and durable with several positive ratings. This model can attach to any gable louvers you chose. It is both low installation cost and easy to install. This attic ventilation fan can cool up to 1,850 sq. ft. and has an automatic thermostat. The fan is made of galvanized steel and can withstand any type of weather that Mother Nature throws its way. A major downfall of this fan is the range that it cools has a limit. Another thing is the fan works better with models that you will have to purchase separately. This fan needs 600 sq. ft. of the area to function.

Number #2: QuietCool Attic Gable Fan

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In Temecula, California there’s a 50,000 sq. ft. plant that makes this best attic gable fans. The QuietCool is a great fan to cool a large area quickly. The fan is 16 by 16 by 10 inches and only weighs 10 pounds. This fan also has a 10-year warranty! The QuietCool quickly cools any attic. This attic fan will cool down an area by 30 – 50 degrees quicker than most other attic fans can. The Quiet Cool is the first attic fan that has a built-in thermostat and humidistat. You will not have to worry about turning the fan off because the thermostat will track the temperature, which only makes your life easier! This fan has a 10-speed ECM motor and can self-adjust. These built-in features make cooling your attic simple. This fan will also help by preventing mold, moisture, humidity, and excessive heat build-up. Those features will help expand the lifetime of your roof and home. Quiet Cool can plug into any socket, so you will not have to worry about rewiring the electrical system to accommodate the unit.

Benefits and Cons of This Fan

This attic fan is quiet and effective. It is easy to install and is compact. There is a 10-year warranty in-case you experience issues. This fan has a 98% customer satisfaction rate. You do not have to adjust the thermostat or humidistat. The price is significantly higher than the previous fan. Some customers have said that the unit makes noise at times. People have also mentioned that the thermostat is not always accurate.

Number #3: Broan 35316 Gable Mount Attic Ventilator

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If you are looking for a high-quality fan to use year-round the Broan 35316 Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator is the unit to get. It eliminates harmful moisture in the winter and lowers the temperature in the summer. The Broan 35316 Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator comes equipped with 4-inch blades that will ventilate up to 2,280 sq. ft. The fan allows you to have complete control over the temperature. It has a built-in critter and insect screen as well. The unit is thermally protected and has a permanently lubricated motor. This unit has steel housing that protects it. The fan has 14-in fan blades, which are made for maximum air movement. The Broan 35316 Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator is quiet and runs efficiently. The unit is simple to install. You will have to buy parts to complete the installation process. This fan has advanced features such as a built-in critter and an inset screen. This feature will prevent any damage from insects. This attic fan will cool any space up to 2,280 sq. ft. It would be perfect for a large home.

Benefits and Cons of This Fan

This fan a built-in screen to keep insects and other critters out. It cools quickly and efficiently. The unit is thermally protected and has a motor that is permanently lubricated. The fan is simple to install. It has a built-in thermostat and operates automatically. The unit can only cool an attic that is under 2,280 sq. ft. You have to purchase some of the parts separately. Customers have complained about the noise the unit makes.

Top 3 Best Solar Attic Fan

Number #1: Solar Attic Fan By Big Frog Mountain

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Solar attic fans are great for saving money in the long run. This entire unit is manufactured and built in the United States of America. They can ventilate up to 2,625 sq. ft. of space. The motor moves 1628 cubic ft. per minute! With this solar attic fan, you can purchase additional Thermostats, and Fire Safety Switches to go on the unit. This entire unit has a 25-year limited warranty. If something happens to break, you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket to replace parts. They only use top of the line materials to build these solar units. This solar unit does not require any wiring. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs, and it is easy to install. A 36-watt solar panel powers the DC motor. The motor moves hot air and moisture out of the attic daily. (solar panel included) This model will only mount onto 3/12 to 12/12 pitch roofs. However, other units are available to purchase walls or a flat roof.

Benefits and Cons of This Fan

All of the hardware for installation comes with the unit. The unit is simple to install and wire-free. High-quality materials were used to build this solar fan. It comes with the solar panel, so you don’t have to purchase one separately. The entire unit has a 25-year limited warranty. This unit can’t mount on walls or flat roofs. Additional Thermostats and Fire Safety Switches are sold separately. Solar Attic Fans will only run when the sun is shining.

Number #2: Broan 345SOWW Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

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Broan builds solar fans that are perfect for anyone’s needs. The Broan 345SOWW Solar Powered Attic Ventilator reduces energy usage by removing the hot air from the space. The unit uses a Thermostatically controlled 28-watt solar panel that powers a dc variable voltage motor to cool down the area. This unit can ventilate up to 1,850 square feet. This unit may qualify for federal and local tax rebates. Investing in this solar attic fan can save you money and may even land a tax rebate. It has an adjustable 28-watt solar panel. The solar panel is commercial grade and allows you to adjust the panel as needed. The unit has wire mesh to cover up gaps. This feature keeps unwanted rodents away from the panel and prevents problems. This unit does not require an electrician. Without an electrician, you are able to save money. The galvanized and powder-coated flashing that will resist rust and prevent leaking.

Benefits and Cons of This Fan

It doesn’t require an electrician to install. The unit has a quiet 24-volt motor, which is powered by a thermostatically controlled solar panel. It has a 6-year warranty on the solar panel and a 2-year limited warranty on the motor. It could qualify you for a federal or state tax rebate. This unit has a maximum amount of square feet it can ventilate. The price for this unit is high it is under 350 dollars.

Number #3: ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Fan

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You may not think about the ventilation in your attic, but it has more of an impact than you would think. The Eco Worthy ventilator provides your attic with the appropriate ventilation, and it is solar powered. The unit can ventilate up to 2,200 sq. ft. This unit is perfect for medium-sized homes. The fan is low voltage and will ventilate even on cloudy days. This fan package comes with everything you will need to get it running. Included in the package are one mounting bracket, one 30w poly foldable solar panel, and one 25w gable attic vent. The unit uses low voltage so it will still work on cloudy days. The unit ventilates up to 2,200 sq. ft., this makes it perfect for medium-sized homes and provides an accurate amount of ventilation. The solar panel is a 30w, 12v poly foldable panel. It is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and is adjustable in size. The vent will work to cool your roof and reduce the amount of time your air conditioner runs. This vent will help reduce the price of cooling costs.

Benefits and Cons of This Fan

It is able to ventilate 2,200 sq. ft. of space. It comes with an adjustable solar panel. The price is low, around 200 dollars. The motor is high powered and works quickly. The fan comes will all the necessary parts to make it work. This fan takes more time to install and has wires. It does not have a sport to attach a thermostat. Customers have complained that the fan blades turn the wrong way.

Best Attic Fan Buying Guide

What is Attic Fan?

The attic fan is nothing but a special kind of ventilation fan which is particularly meant for the attic. It uses to regulate the temperature of your house or building by exhausting the hot air from the whole house. It can either garble mounted or roof-mounted. You may also find attic fans that are powered by electricity or solar energy or wind-powered. Each type of attic fan has individual advantages and disadvantages. But, the main purpose of any kind of attic fan remains the same, that is to remove the hot air from the attic and replace the removed air with fresh and cool outside air. Attic fan creates a buffer zone between your warm house and outside air by exhausting hot air that usually trapped inside your attic.

How Do Attic Fan Work?

The attic of our house tends to be very hot since hot air is lighter than cooler air and they usually travel upward naturally. As attic is the highest point of any house, hot air always moves toward this place. Usually, we don’t care if our attic becomes abnormally hot as we don’t spend much time in this place, and we don’t place any air conditioner in this place either. But, most of us don’t know that hot attic will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner since attic stays always hot. If your attic is very hot, it will work against your cooling system and your cooling system will start cooling your house very slowly. Thus, your electricity bill will increase steeply and also it will affect the lifetime of the air conditioner.

An attic fan will be very handy in this kind of situation. The working principle of an attic fan is similar to the whole house fan. But, they don’t have any duct system or they don’t need an open window to work it properly. They normally attached to a gable or dormer window or roof. Attic fan sucks out the hot air trapped inside an attic and the hot air circulating inside your house to the outside. They create a buffer zone between your house and outside. It replaces this zone with cooler air from the outside. Thus, it cools our house.


Things You Must Have To Consider While Choosing An Attic Fan

Type of Attic Fan

If you have checked some of the attic fan available online, then you may have noticed that there are two types of attic fan design very much popular for attic cooling. The first one is the whole house attic fan. They are not very cheap (usually you have to spend min 200$- max 800$). And additionally, you have to pay extra to hire an HVAC expert from installation. That is the main reason why only a few people use it. These types of attic fans are designed to pull out the warm air from the entire house and air is deposited inside the attic space of your house. Since the hot air always travels inside the attic, expelling the warm air from the attic can cool the atmosphere of your entire house. 

The second type of fan that is the most popular among the consumer is familiar with the name attic vent fan or attic fan. It is very cheap in price, maybe you will find a good quality attic fan costing only around 100$. It moves warm air from the attic and pull cooler air from the outside and supply it inside the attic. It cools the space more directly and cools only the attic, not the entire house. 


Most of the attic fans either have to mount on the rooftop or fit inside a gable of the house. Installing an attic fan on the roof of the house is a bit tricky. You must need a professional for this if you don’t have enough training to work at such a height. It is very hard to work on the rooftop as you may need a ladder and other safety equipment to work on this height.

That’s why most of the people choose attic fan that can be installed in gable as they are very easy to install compared to roof mount attic fans and you don’t have to hire a pro for this task.


CFM (Cubic feet per minute) is one of the most important parameters while you are purchasing an attic fan. It refers to how much air a fan usually moves in a specific room or space. Your attic fan will not work properly if you choose an attic fan that can’t fulfill your CFM required. You have to choose attic fan with greater CFM value if your house or attic space is bigger. So it is very important to find out CFM measurement of your room and then go for the fan that fulfills your needs. That’s why we always recommended our readers to find out the needed CFM rating for your home by using an online CFM calculator.

Pre-programmable Thermostat

We rarely visit our attic, maybe once or twice in a month. So, if you have an attic fan that doesn’t have advanced features like a pre-programmable thermostat, you can face huge difficulties controlling the fan. Because it is located in such a place in your house where you pay a visit very rarely. So, to adjust the temperature, you have to do a lot of work if you have an old model attic fan without any thermostat. You have to come nearer to your attic fan and try to adjust the speed of the fan and if the taken adjustment still doesn’t satisfy you than you have to adjust it till you become fully satisfied with the adjustment. It will bother you a lot.

If yours choose an attic fan that has a built-in adjustable thermostat feature than you are allowed to control the temperature more spontaneously.

Solar or Normal Attic Fan

Solar attic fans are more environmentally friendly and more efficient than normal attic fan. But, the price of a solar attic fan is pretty high. Furthermore, the installation cost is also expensive. So, only a few can afford it. 

Here are some of the benefits of solar attic fan:

  • The installation process is a lot easier although you have to work a roof which is very dangerous and stressful. It is because the solar-powered attic fan doesn’t need any kind of wiring and structural work to install it on the roof. 
  • Solar powered attic fans are quiet compare to normal attic fan.
  • You may become qualified for the tax credit as they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. So, there is a good chance of you can be rewarded for this.


Build Quality

Always choose attic fan that is made of durable and sturdy metals. Keep away from the attic fans that are constructed with low quality plastic materials.

Safety Features Available Or Not

We have listed some of the very important safety features that you should consider when you wanna buy an attic fan. 

  • You should purchase attic fans which have cover to protect it from birds and other harmful animals and insects.
  • Choose an attic fan that’s the motor is thermally protected from extreme cold.
  • It is better to buy an attic fan that has an adjustable thermostat with safety features

The Benefit of Attic Fan

  • It uses a very low amount of electricity to run an attic fan compared to the central air conditioning system. If you have a solar power attic fan, then you may not need any kind of electricity at all, since all the power comes from the sun naturally.
  • Attic fans help to control the moisture of your house.
  • It prevents build-up like mold and mildew which is very frequent during summer.
  • Attic fan keeps our house air fresh by limiting pollutants from the air which usually trapped inside our house.
  • It reduces the chances of ice damming on your rooftop.
  • It will detain snow forming in the attic during the winter season. So, it’s an all seasonal product.
  • Attic fans help to keep away the toxic and harmful gases developed inside the house by creating negative pressure inside the house.
  • It protects the roof of your house
  • One of the most effective and energy-efficient ways to cool your house. But, it works slower than the air conditioner.
  • It extends the lifetime of your rooftop.


Most Common Mistakes We Do When Using Attic Fans

We often observe that many users of the attic fan cover the vent fan of attic fan with insulation. But, it is wrong. We should avoid this. Because placing an insulation system will hamper the performance of the vent system as it will prevent cool air coming inside the attic.

Another mistake that most of us do is keeping the window or door of the attic close when our attic fan is ON. According to our expert opinion, an attic fan will fail to create negative pressure if you don’t keep some windows open. So, we recommend opening some windows or attic doors when the attic fan is running.

Wrap It Up

Whether you’re looking for the attic fan or solar attic fan, is sure to have the one you need. Your attic is a crucial part of your home and needs to be kept maintained. These ventilation systems will help keep the moisture and hot air out of your attic. These fans will help you save money and use less energy. The attic fans will also help support your air conditioner. The price of attic fans will vary depending on the type of system you need. When you purchase a new attic fan be sure to do your research and find the one that is best fit for you.

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