Liokoc Beaded Fandelier Review: Cool or Kitsch?

After weeks of living under a ceiling fan that sounded like a freight train, we finally decided to upgrade to the Liokoc Beaded Ceiling Fan, and let’s just say, our ears are thanking us!

Not only does this quiet little number keep our bedroom feeling like a chilled-out sanctuary, but its handcrafted wooden beads also add a boho-chic vibe that even our snobbiest friends can’t help but compliment.

What we found particularly nifty was the fan’s remote control—no more stumbling around in the dark trying to pull cords like we’re ringing the bells at Notre Dame.

And let us tell you about the 6-speed settings; whether we want a gentle whisper of a breeze or a blast of cool air, this fan’s got us covered.

We’re even using it to show off during book club sessions. “Oh this? Just our reversible motor fan—keeps us cozy in the winter, cool in the summer, and always in style”.

As far as installation goes, we didn’t have to call our tech-savvy nephew for help, since all the necessary bits and bobs were in the package, and the fan practically installed itself.

Okay, that’s a stretch, but it was easy peasy!

Liokoc Beaded Ceiling Fan

Now, not everything is sunshine and roses. Though the fan sports a sleek low profile, those with grand ballroom aspirations might find its 19 inches a tad small for their vast domains.

But for our cozy reading nook, it’s as if this fan was made for us—literally, it’s got our bedroom written all over it.

Bottom Line

Seeking a dash of flair for your room with a side of breeze? The Liokoc Beaded Ceiling Fan is a game-changer.

It’s stylish, effective, and so quiet you’ll think it’s powered by whispers.

Don’t just take our word for it, give it a whirl! Get your hands on this gem here and upgrade your fan game.

Liokoc Patented Beaded Ceiling Fans – A Whirlwind of Charm and Efficiency

We’ve all been there – looking up at our dismal ceiling fans that barely stir the air, let alone stir our souls. But then Liokoc sweeps in with their beaded number, and suddenly our ceilings are the belles of the ball.

Swapping out mediocrity for sophistication, these fans blend modern flair with whisper-quiet functionality.

The handcrafted beaded cover adds a bohemian twist to the room, and trust us, it’s a conversation starter that also doubles as a subtle shusher for those not-so-quiet moments.

And let’s talk about choices! With a 6-speed setting, we’re orchestrating airflow like a maestro—gentle zephyrs for naptime, stiff breezes when life’s got us overheating.

Sure, it’s all fun and games until we lose the remote, but with intuitiveness on our side, re-syncing is a five-second breeze.

Don’t go thinking it’s all about looks either; they’ve thought about the lifespan, recommending LED bulbs that go easy on the eyes and the electric bill.

Now, while installation is heralded as straightforward, the enclosed design might have us twisting a bit more than we’d like – but hey, consider it a dance with your new aerial appliance.

Just remember, this fan’s beauty isn’t just skin deep; it does its darned job to keep you cool, albeit with more charm than your average breeze machine.

Handcrafted Beaded Cover

We couldn’t help but be charmed by the whimsical elegance of this fandelier’s handcrafted beaded cover—it’s like a tiara for your ceiling!

The wood beaded cover isn’t just pleasing on the eyes; it’s a stroke of genius for those of us craving a blend of modern design with a dash of coziness.

Ideal for sprucing up small spaces, the bladeless design keeps things safe while adding a splash of style.

Now, for small rooms, we’ve found that bulky ceiling fans can cramp our style, but not this little dazzler. It’s low profile, yet packs a decorative punch that’s sure to fetch compliments from visiting friends (and maybe even that nosy neighbor).

The breezy beauty operates silently, offering a peaceful atmosphere whether we’re diving into a good book or attempting a power nap.

One gripe, though? It’s remote-only. So, if you’re notorious for misplacing the remote, you might find yourself sans breeze.

But let’s be real, the snazzy remote saves us the trouble of getting up to flip a switch, and who doesn’t appreciate a bit of lazy luxury?

Reversible 6-Speed Motor

Imagine us trying to set the mood in our room – we’ve experienced that Liokoc’s beaded ceiling fan makes a world of difference.

With its reversible motor, we’re talking about summer and winter modes that are plainly genius.

Who would’ve thought a flip of a switch could either help cool us down or circulate warm air better than gossip at a family gathering?

This nimble motor moves like it’s on a dance floor, with 6 speeds to choose from.

There’s a slow jam for those intimate, artsy moments, and then it cranks up to a disco fever when we need a breeze that’ll mess up your hair (but in a good way).

Although the transition speeds are smoother than a cheesecake, we did notice a whisper of sound. At 35 dB, it’s like having a quiet librarian in the room – you know they’re there, but they’re not disturbing your peace.

Now, of course, with fancy features comes the price of needing AAA batteries, because let’s face it, what doesn’t these days?

Cycling between settings is a breeze – pun intended – with the remote control, making it easy to find our happy airflow place with just the push of a button.

And with a motor that can spin faster than rumors in a small town, it definitely adds a touch of coolness, figuratively and literally.

Remote-Controlled Convenience

Ah, the sweet joy of not having to get off the couch!

With our fancy Liokoc ceiling fan, remote control in hand, we’re like wizards of our own comfort domain.

Poof! A gentle breeze or zap! a gusty wind, all at the press of a button. And lights! Let’s not forget we can set the mood from bright to dim without ever moving more than a finger.

But it’s not all magic and fairy tales.

Sometimes, remotes go on a little adventure of their own (read: we lose them), and then what?

Well, this remote is our one true controller—no wall switches here—and if it goes missing, you might find yourself yearning for the good old pull chain.

And don’t get us started if the remote’s power-hungry vibes drain those 2 AAA batteries. We’ll need a stockpile!

Despite that, we’re pretty keen on the convenience.

After all, there’s something undeniably sweet about lounging in bed and dimming the lights for that perfect selfie lighting—no judgment, we’ve all done it.

Plus, the added bonus of a time-off feature? That’s a bedtime story ending if we’ve ever heard one.

Our slumber, beautifully breezy; our dreams, lit just right.

Easy Installation

A man installing a ceiling fan in a room.

Well, we all know the drill when it comes to installing ceiling fans, don’t we?

Usually, you’re up on a ladder, squinting at a confusing manual, dropping tiny screws, and getting ready to call a professional.

Surprisingly, Liokoc flips the script on this one!

First off, you can leave your toolbox in the garage. This sleek fan comes with all the accessories needed right in the box, making it feel like we’re just piecing together a puzzle.

And who doesn’t like puzzles, right? Especially when there’s no piece missing!

The really nifty part? No need to detach anything for installment. Everything is right there!

Plus, for those of us not keen on reaching for the ceiling, the ultra-socket retractable design means you’ll be back on solid ground in no time, remote in hand (because who actually wants to walk over to the wall switch after all that?).

And our friends with vaulted ceilings, fear not. Grab an additional mounting base, and you’re golden.

We almost made a game out of seeing how fast we could get this baby up and running. Almost made us feel like DIY gurus—almost.

Pros and Cons


After enjoying a refreshing breeze from this beaded beauty, we’ve noticed some standout perks.

First and foremost, the handcrafted beaded cover is a genuine head-turner; it adds a touch of sophistication and style to any room. The wood beads are not only eye-catching but they also smartly conceal the fan bladeless design, which we must say, is a clever touch for safety-conscious minds.

We’re also fans of the 6-speed setting. It’s like having a personal breeze assistant; whether you need a light caress or a strong gust, this fan has your back… or should we say your front?

Plus, the remote control means we never have to get up to adjust the settings – talk about royal treatment!

Let’s talk illumination – this fan doesn’t skimp on the light either.

It comes with bulbs included (hooray for savings), and they’re LED which means energy-efficient and long-lasting glow for our rooms.

We’ve found the light to be just right, bright enough to read by but soft enough to keep the vibe cozy.

The reversible motor deserves a shoutout. Winter or summer, it makes no difference; this fan adjusts its airflow direction to suit our seasonal needs – heating bill, be damned!

Last but not least, installation is a breeze (pun fully intended). No need to call in the pros for this one; with a straightforward setup and clear instructions, we had it spinning in no time.


Now, we’re all about keeping it real, so let’s chat about the not-so-cool points.

While the remote is a handy gadget, we’ve found that the fan operation is exclusively remote-controlled. Lose the remote and it’s game over – there’s no plan B on the fan itself.

It’s like losing the TV remote but worse because you might actually start sweating.

The beaded design, while fabulous, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for something ultra-minimalist or space-age, this might clash with your aesthetic.

In some of our spaces, the fan power felt a little underwhelming. If you have a larger room, this dainty device might not have the muscle to keep the air moving adequately.

Though we adore the light, the maximum 40W bulb limitation means it’s not going to light up a space quite like a UFO landing pad.

So, if you’re looking for that ultra-bright lab-like environment, this might leave you in the dark.

Lastly, for those with vaulted ceilings, be prepared to search for an additional mounting base which sadly does not come included. Worth it? Yes, but an extra errand is an extra errand.

Customer Reviews

Let’s be real, we’ve all had that one room that screams for a makeover. We decided to give the Liokoc fan a whirl, and let me tell you, it’s like a breath of fresh air—literally.

Sporting a 4.4-star rating from a family of 158 reviewers, this little gem has folks raving about a transformation that rivals those reality home makeover shows.

There’s this undeniable charm in the fan’s design that’s got people talking (and us nodding in agreement). Some found it to be the belle of the ball in their bedrooms, with its eye-catching beads and handy-dandy remote. However, not everyone’s dance with the installation instructions was a graceful one.

Picture a handy man saving the day, because for some, the directions were as clear as mud.

Although it struts on the quieter side, which is a godsend, don’t expect hurricane-level winds. “Cute but not a wind machine” seems to be the consensus for our gentle breezer here.

Price-wise, we’re talking about a round of applause for value. It’s snagged a few hearts and caused less wallet weeping.

So, while it may not be perfect from every angle, the fandelier has definitely won over a slew of bedrooms—and it might just charm its way into yours.


After spending some quality time with the Liokoc ceiling fan, we’ve got to say, we’re pretty impressed—and that’s not just the breeze talking!

It’s like having a stealthy wind ninja in the room; whisper-quiet and with a remote control that makes us feel all-powerful without leaving the couch.

Let’s talk aesthetics: this fan is the belle of the ball. The beads? Strung up like a string of pearls at an upscale soiree, it’s chic and it’s got flair.

If you ever dreamt of adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom with something that also keeps you cool, this gem could be your new best friend.

Sure, we’ve heard a peep or two about the installation process being as fun as assembling flat-pack furniture without instructions, but once it’s up, it’s a statement.

This isn’t your grandma’s ceiling fan—unless your grandma is ridiculously stylish.

On the downside, if you’re trying to cool a dance hall or a dragon’s den, it might not cut the mustard. It’s cozy and more fitting for spaces that won’t make its motor work overtime.

Take it from us, if you’re in the market for a fan that won’t ruin your interior design game and does its job without sounding like a jet engine, our little “fandelier” could be the refreshing twist you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fandelier just a fancy ceiling fan for indecisive decorators?

We thought so too at first! But actually, this clever contraption marries the elegance of a chandelier with the functionality of a ceiling fan.

While one might speculate it caters to those waffling between style and comfort, we’ve seen it become the hero piece for pragmatic fashionistas. It’s more of a statement than indecision, offering the best of both worlds.

Will a fandelier blow away my guests, or just impress them?

Let’s just say your guests won’t be reaching for their hats. While this fandelier won’t be winning any strongman competitions, it offers a genteel breeze that’s perfect for a relaxed ambiance.

The gentle airflow is great for a comfortable conversation, and its aesthetic charm most definitely earns some admiring glances.

How do I pick a fandelier that won’t clash with my ‘unique’ interior design choices?

Picking the right fandelier does require a keen eye, especially if your decor screams ‘unique’.

Our gem here is a bohemian beauty with its handcrafted, beaded flair. If your space has a laid-back, artistic vibe, this white fandelier will blend in without any fuss. Plus, its compact size means it won’t overpower your already ‘one-of-a-kind’ room design.

Could a fandelier double as a helicopter in a pinch?

We wish! Imagine dashing out of traffic jams with the pull of a cord. But alas, despite its whirling blades and sleek round shape, this fandelier stays loyal to the ceiling.

Jokes aside, with its bladeless design, the fandelier’s more of a quiet lifesaver for those hot days than a makeshift chopper.

Will my fandelier whisper sweet nothings, or sound like a freight train?

Thankfully, our modern marvel here leans more towards whispered secrets than locomotive levels.

Boasting a sound level of 35 dB, it’s quieter than your average library. So, whether you’re trying to catch some Z’s or meditate, this fandelier will respect your silence.

How many fandelier enthusiasts does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one. If they can resist the urge to admire the beaded charm long enough to actually change the bulb.

On a more serious note, bulb changing is made easier with ample lighting provided by the four E26 base bulbs.

If you know how to reach for the remote, you’re halfway there. All the functionality is at your fingertips.

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